Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the end and the beginning (192/365)

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

I cut up a bunch of white printing paper and threw it all up in the air! The vacuum couldn't pick it all up on the floor so i had to get on my hands and knees and do work! I look silly here =p

Just wanted to say, I truly appreciate all of you here who check back, leave constant comments, and who are good friends to me on here :] You have all helped inspire me to be where I am today! So cheers to 2008, and Hello 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jane The Juggler (191/365)

Jane's Biography: Most jugglers, as you know, are two-handed. However, Jane's "special advantage" leaves her room to juggle up to 100 things at once.

Glad I had a chance today to contribute to my circus series! ive been really out of tune with my mind lately :]. hope you all are having a good holiday.

Monday, December 29, 2008

You’ll be waiting in vain (190/365)

You’ll be waiting in vain (190/365)

"...I got nothing for you to gain." dedicated to the sleevefaces.

I'm desperately trying to get out of my mind-block. There is nothing worse than feeling defeated by something you love to do. I'm super competitive with others around me and to myself. I beat myself up lately knowing I've got nothing up my sleeve. I think maybe I left all my inspiration on the plane ride, and someone's stolen it! I thought coming home would cure my blues as well, but it hasn't. Its only jumbled my mind. Help.

life is a full load (189/365)

it seems to never lighten, and always weighs heavier with the passing time...

ive been using my dad's prehistoric tripod, and always wanted to kill it while using it. kill it in frustration, i mean. today definitely tops as the "i hate myself" day of my 365. ideas were small, and when they came, dino-tripod wouldn't allow it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

love smiles on me in the strangest ways (188/365)

this is my first time posting some usage from my AB 800! yayyyy strobism. at 1/8 of power, bare. i even have a light meter to cheat >=) really fun and i can't wait to use it more often.

yesterday was a good barrier breaker for me. and i'm glad some things that were left unsaid, are now said.

hope you are all enjoying the holiday season still!

windy! (187/365)

i just wanted to post a funny picture, explaining my frustration at how windy it is outside! i woke up this morining to sounds that were like the wind murdering the trees. and rain beating on my window. i was so out of it asleep i convinced myself the wind would push through my window. it never did though :] but dang! stepping outside today was awful. wind blowing me every which way. fun and awful. i think im actually a little embarrassed posting this. haha.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

wrapped (186/365)

i made a dress out of wrapping paper! i wanted to do it as a tribute to my other newspaper dress photo and wrap the walls as well, but today wasn't worthy of work! i stayed in my PJs most of today, which is exactly what i needed. and its gone by so fast!

merry christmas! i hope you are all enjoying your family and company.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas 2008 (185/365)

me and my sister are giving 3 other pictures including this one in a cute frame. shell love it. maybe even cry...haha. i love my mom.

(she looks like my dad, i look like my mom)

Merry Christmas eve!!!! i have a cute photo for tomorrow.

ps. i love brown tones right now. :]

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tessa the Tightrope Walker (184/365)

Tessa's Biography: Dangerously risky, Tessa can maneuver through any situation on a rope. 5 ft up or 100 ft up, one-legged, or hands only, she will dazzle.

I have to take pictures of me and my sister tomorrow for a present im giving my mom! excited to see them come up cause I think they will be great. She will like it i think. Shes that "memento" type of person. I feel like movie watching the rest of the night until I fall asleep. Sounds too good to me. Night flickr! Enjoy pre-christmas!

PS. I've been working on my first album cover this week! I had a slight set-back with guy models, but man, i am loving it. These are the type of projects i breathe and live for.

Monday, December 22, 2008

ain't it the truth (183/365)

i love being home. i like relaxing and basically doing nothing. i could be considered a bum at home, i guess. But, it leaves me too much free time. i become my own friend and think too much. it can either make me happy or very sad. i doubt, i fear, i wonder. i laugh, i smile....i think theres too many negatives. when my parents come home, i'm better. but being stuck at this house all day drives me nuts. i made little friends when i lived here (it was only half a year!) soooo i am stuck. i need something to distract me. before i go crazy. like.. a pair of wings to fly. ahhh too cheesy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

thats what we need (182/365)

i love my shutters. the light coming in makes me feel real. like its from a movie. i just wanted it to be simple too. relax my mind.

i went to the eye doctors today and had my eyes re-examined. i am ashamed to admit that last time i went i fainted when they wanted to put eye drops into my eye that "might sting" as the doctor said. i have a huge fear of doctors. i just dont like machines i have no control over. its weird and i cant even imagine what i'll be like if i have to have surgery or have a baby! goodness. lets not think about that.

OH YES! its day 182 (I'm halfway done!). you want to know my secret news? oh ok. :] When I am finished with my 365, I'll be having my own gallery showing of it ALL as a "thank God i'm done!" I'll begin working on it sometime after march and hopefully have a good location by then as well among other things there (musicians). It will probably be in summer seeing as I'm done on June 24th. Lets hope this all comes together! I'd love to have it in multi-cities, but we'll see if the opportunity comes. :]

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Lion (181/354)

The Lion (181/354)

The Lion's Biography: A fearsome thing to behold, but the charm of pearl. Beware, this female lion is very dangerous. ;]

Hahah. This was hilarious to shoot. painting my face and making my hair so curly it resembled an afro= great. I have to thank one of my friends for giving me the idea to paint my face like an animal! The closeup my face is even funnier :] I was trying to pose like a lion but ended up looking like a monkey! I think the next one I will be the tamer. :]

My dad's company dinner is tonight. Gotta run!

lion face

closeup of the lion!

Friday, December 19, 2008

death is peaceful (179/365)

life is harder.

im so burnt out on shopping. been going everyday with mom and dad since i got here. tomorrow i get to car shop though. drove me an audi last time. idk the model but it was fast. and i wanted it. i want a fast car. its probably a phase.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


i am dorky. enjoy

Audrey the Acrobat (178/365)

Audrey's Circus Biography: Known for her hair-splitting turns, outrageous flips, and ability to defy gravity during her act. Curious? See the show for yourself...

I made my outfit last night which was basically just the mini top hat and gold skirt with tulle. I think I'll post a close up of it in a little because I'm pretty proud of it.

4 more days till' i tell a cool secret.

I went shopping with my dad today again. My mom is hard to shop for, but waaay easy when we have a list. I think we got her everything in about 30 minutes? I know...He also bought his usual for her, which consists of something that costs a lot of money and that she will hate. I guess my dad never learns? Or my mom just doesn't know how to accept a nice gift. I think its more the second one.

hope you are all enjoying the holidays! the fog just rolled in and it look sooo beautiful.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Originally uploaded by Katherine Elizabeth
i'm empty today. i wont be able to add to my circus series, because im still "building" the my mind. but also making some things for it too that are fun. hopefully ill have a better photo tomorrow!

for now, you all get to meet my kitteh, Napoleon. (named after Napoleon Bonaparte because he is a smalllll small tabby) hes a cutie.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome to The Show (177/365)

I was looking at some old projects from my photo class and was inspired to expand on my circus project. except this time i think i might throw in a couple twists. im hoping to add to it everyday, but i really want to take the time to do well, so i might only add to the set every other day. so cheers to my opening act! the ringleader.

my parents and sister almost died laughing seeing me in this number. tights, tutu, silver shoes, yikes!

its about...20-something degrees outside, and i dont know how im going to get the balls go shoot outside. im just pretty glad i brought my boots. :]

hope you are all warm and cuddled up at home!

Monday, December 15, 2008

curiouser and curiouser (176/365)


i am soooo relieved i am caught up now on my 365 and HOME! i already have tons of ideas for future 365's! Yes. this is exactly what i needed. too bad its so dang bittersweet.

whos thirsty? (175/365)

before you all call my crazy, let me explain my shirt :D

my friends know about my somewhat obsessive compulsion for twilight....reading all day and night. so as a "joke" one of my friends bought me this shirt. they know me too well i guess, because its totally not a joke to me. i love it and will wear it around them everyday just to bug them. ahhhh kidding. but really. just look at that face...

plane delays (174/365)

flew home today. first delayed for...who know what reason. and then grounded on texas ground for 30 minutes to de-ice. the only good thing was that i had a row all to myself, and you know what i did? opened photobooth and went crazy.... ohhhhh i love it all.

but i am the proud owner of a shiny new red baby ipod nano. these things are damn compact. i feel like i could crush it within seconds. but, also the perfect size for me. and glad some profits went to AIDS. thanks Jer for my gift :] love you.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

protector of my dreams (173/365)

i've had some pretty crazy/scary dreams the past couple of nights. all just...really strange and in-communicable after i wake up. is that even a word?

im 2 days behind! my grandma "kicked" me out for the weekend since her sister and brother are coming in from england. so ive been unable to find suitable places for my 365. tragic. but once im home, ill be all ready to explode with choas. thanks for being patient. im going to try and catch up tonight and tomorrow. :] have a good night all.

Friday, December 12, 2008

winter chill (172/365)

only 3 more days until i am home in Texas for my christmas break. I am excited and not. One, I get a break from my grandparents who have been really...not-so-nice lately. Two, im missing two of my friend's birthdays! :[ sad. Three, I get to be home! and sleep in anddddd be spoiled for 3 weeks =p

Thursday, December 11, 2008


i've been getting a lot of orders in my etsy shop for pictures, and was sooooo excited that people were ordering biiig pictures! 24x24's and 20x30's! so excited to get an opportunity to see them in real life. i drool over them, shamefully. if any of you order prints and hang them up, PLEASE send me pictures so i can see them in action! ive got a few more orders to settle today, so i am excited for that!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fire and Ice (171/365)

Fire and Ice (171/365)

"some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. from what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice."

if i had any more time in my day i would have been a little more creative. but my finals are sucking every last breath out of me. (no pun?) so here i am. little me. my face of fire in your world of ice. eeeehhhhhhhh. oh before i go, good news. i passed biology! i need to celebrate....forever.

rain cloud over my head (170/365)

my last day in biology tomorrow. what a relief. to be done with it for the rest of my life! well. if i pass :] this rain cloud will go away soon. and my doom and gloom attitude shall perish with it.

i realize this is more manipulated than im used to. i try and keep it simple now. but i couldnt help myself. it was funny.

gotta study! enjoy all your sleep!

Monday, December 8, 2008

They could not exist together (169/365)

"...and i never should have tried."

I want to personally thank my friends at Love.Nail.Tree Clothing! They offered to give me some really awesome new clothes to sport in my 365! (basically endorsed, right? pretty dang sweet...) And let me tell you...I'm in love with the shirts! I have a photo on my blog so you can better see this shirt...It does not do it justice here! Not to mention theres a sweet design on the INSIDE! Click on the link to check out some of there other stuff!

in other news, i finished book 3. i loved it but was pretty disappointed about how much the author touched on the subject of Bella loving Jacob. In love. what?! that almost ruined it for me. But...I understand. Now I need to hunt around for book 4...

I have finals all this week, and its looking pretty scary! I really hope I can get through them all. My schedule next semester seems really nice. lots of art classes...finally getting into stuff thats up my alley! I hope you are all having a good monday...although monday's usually suck. nonetheless! I am happy to hear from you all :]

close-up of shirt!

disneyland (168/365)

i don't usually post personal photos. but in an effort to keep my head above water, i have to.

(167/365) ...maybe

this is disgusting. i need to study too much. a better description and hopefully, photo, in the morrow!

ps. 10 min later and i regret posting this. but i will go crazy if i have nothing.

Friday, December 5, 2008

She said jump (166/365)

Time passes...(165/365)

"even when it seems impossible. even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me..."

sorry i have been so slow updating! I've had a rough couple days. Not bad rough, but busy rough. Last night was a really good night for me. And I'm very thankful for all the people in my life who are so supportive of this project. Someone yesterday who I hadn't seen in a long time said I was amazing (with a huuuuuge smile on his face). Its a small word, but I was so overwhelmed I thought I might cry. I didn't :] But once again. thanks to all of you who check up on me :] You dont even much I am grateful.

The surprise is coming on day 182. well. It seems dumb now. But, I think its fun.

ps. I love coming across amazing stock.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

untitled (164/365)

behind today! oops.

Today...I want to disappear (163/365)

I really did disappear today. Most people couldn't grab my attention even if they tried to pry book 2 of the twilight saga from my hands. I haven't become obsessive with a book series like this since high school...and that was harry potter. I'm not really sure what it is. It's definitely not obsessing over everything, but more specifically something. I can't describe it. I'm too old to stalk like a 12 year old.

I was reading again in the library. But, instead of smiling while reading, I was almost in tears. Realizing my scenery of college kids, I was quick to hide my feelings. Its pathetic when I can relate to a love story. These series really capture my self. I was in pure agony in book two. I thought the nightmares wouldn't end myself, thinking about it all being over. I got curious and even went to the end of the book, just to make sure Edward wasn't an a-hole for the rest of it. I was pleased. I think I relate to Bella more than I understand. My life may not be as romantic as being with a vampire, but I understand the unbearable sense of being away from someone you love. I sometimes try and imagine what it would be like, and as pathetic as it may sound...I think it would be dangerously closely to Bella's "black hole" experiences.

I think this may have been the most vulnerable journal to date. But really nice to let some steam off my chest. I'm a girl, after all....I need to breathe.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

pale skin (162/365

i finished the book. how ridiculous. you were all right. the book was much better. too much, so. i teared a couple times. geez. pathetic..

i have to run off to class.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Originally uploaded by Katherine Elizabeth
i definitely need a more simple structure right now. my whole week will turn into a slow and gnawing scortched earth in no time. finals are next week, and i am considering locking myself in my room (to be over-exaggerated). i've acquired some new bad habits in the last 24 hours as well.

like my new book that i am now hooked onto for dear life: twilight. i havent been so....animated while reading since JK first wrote all those lovely HP's. And this ones different. I just melt, basically. I can be such a sappy romantic. People who are mysterious and endearing like Edward....I really wish existed in the world. My Bf should be careful, this book could be a terrible obsession =p.

You know, the funny thing is, i read it in the library today when i should have been studying for my last lab test for biology. nope. i just read. and the worst part, i was mostly smiling the entire time at a table full of people. i even tried to cover my mouth with my jacket to keep from looking like an idiot.

oooo dear. i will get through this though. and my life will be simple again, if only for a few days.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

where she jumped...(160/365)

she did not know. ('ve had NO time at all for my 365) 22 more days until i announce some cool news that i think will workkkkk!

i'm home safely now from Texas. Going back in exactly two weeks. and alone this time! :D more time with mom. (i just need to finish my finals and poof, i'm gone).

i'm really tired tonight, but i wanted to admit to everyone, that i secretly watched twilight last night at 3am. bad news for my sleep. i had told almost all my close friends how much i loathed this movie because i knew they were cheaters from harry potter. well. i was wrong. the only thing in common i guess is the lead role, who was in the HP movie. plus it deals with super natural powers, etc. but totally different storyline. but let me just tell you all loud and clear. after that movie, i wished i was edward's vampire girlfriend. i even made my boyfriend take me to the bookstore today in a freakish frenzy to find book #2 because i dont have the patience to wait for the movie. dun dun dun....insert new obsession.

night all!

Friday, November 28, 2008

breaking barries (159/365)

it is my last day home. didnt have much time to take or write. im in bed now, with my sisters little puppy she is babysitting. i think ill go to sleep now. plane tomorrow! night all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

365 outtake!

really funny. i hope you all get a nice laugh out of this.

goodbye lovelies.

she wanted a change (158/365)

happy thanksgiving everyone! i thoroughly stuffed myself and am still going back and forth to the fridge for pie :]

saw this stock today and fell in love. although i still wish i had more time on my hands to give the image its i guess. with the grandparents here, it doesnt exactly make this trip relaxing. less time for anything. yikes!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

listless (157/365)

i am a little nervous about this week and the next two! i've had very little time to take and put effort into my 365 due to all the thanksgiving festivities and finals coming up. not to mention the TREMENDOUS amount of editing i have to do for other commissioned shoots. i still need to post a video on my blog. and possibly tomorrow i will seeing as my sister and i are doing my alice in wonderland shoot for my portraiture class final! yes. yessss.

happy turkey day tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the light is much brighter...(156/365)

in the comfort of your own home.

i am so excited to be home! resting...and playing and being outside because i have so much more freedom! i've had a somewhat busy day today, and i still have more things to do to prepare myself for my folktales final portfolio for my photography final. ahh! it will be great. i will be doing some digital images so you can see them all ASAP. also, i will be having a friend come over to shoot some behind-the-scenes so you can all get an idea of my set-up. i will also be posting a video today or tomorrow, depending on how quickly the light falls. maybe a tour of the farm behind us :]

i hope you all are enjoying the thanksgiving week!

Monday, November 24, 2008

i'm sailing home (155/365)

don't have time to update. fast PS today, have to go get on my plane! :D

pray i have a safe flight. they make me a little nervous!

-good bye lovelies.

cold settles in. (154/365)

big thanks to sleep for sleepers for taking me out for a fun shoot today. they jumped on my visionary train and i really enjoy working for people who understand the me and not just "want anything" for pictures. have a vision, bands! please. it will make me happy. also, thanks to SFS for being so willing to help me with my 365! :D

you will see some super awesome shots up soon. for now, i need sleep. i have a flight to catch tomorrow! ooooo home. you sound so good right now.

ps. you know that news i was going to tell you all in 6 months? well. its getting close. and im really excited.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

the balance of life (153/365)

something i think everyone learns in their college years. figuring out how to do everything at once is a tough decision. and most times you feel like your about to go off the edge. but things turn around. eventually.

sorry for my recent M.I.A. i was up in the mountains allllll today shooting a band and hanging out. plus i had to come home and pack ASAP.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

closer (152/365)

the binds are getting closer. the stress is piling on. bring it on, finals.

i had a much different image in my mind. i wanted to physically tape my body to the ground but, i dont think my grandma's dog could have helped even. sorry, baxter. i need a personal assistant sometimes. haha! i wish...

i did some product shots yesterday. wow. really crazy stuff because its totally not my style, as you all can tell. but fun to try and get under my belt.

hope you all are having a good friday, and enjoy your weekend :]

Thursday, November 20, 2008

a door closes, and another opens...(151/365)

so my car is still the same. things are looking a little better, even though they will probably get worse. i'm feeling a lot of pressure/stress from family to get a job. not because i need to help out with anything financially, but because...well...i dont know! they must think im lazy. but i really just want to focus on school and my project. i think i may have found another solution...

lets hope this door is the right one.

this took a while to edit. i would have loved to smash my laptop a couple times, but refrained, thankfully. i need to teach myself some new tricks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the world was too big for her (150/365)

so much for happy photos of excitement. i found out my car is basically toast. it makes things harder to get a new one. not sure what will happen. hopefully nothing too drastic will have to happen.

i just want to curl up and sleep today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

let me be free (148/365)

i am going back home to Texas in about 6 days! and almost as soon as I come back...I'll be back in a flash. Very excited to just be home, but also to have more time for my 365 project. I'm hoping to use some models for some other ideas I have on the side as well. :]

the world is under my feet (149/365)

i think the next 5 days will only be happy photos. i am so excited to go back home and relax. the stress of school and everything around me is daunting. need to let loose. although some of my stress will be coming along with me (my grandparents) ill be happy to leave and take a break. and be in MY OWN house :]

ill be scanning some images from my last photo assignment which was FUN! saran wrapping friends is a great idea. i also was told my photo final is on fairytales. i chose alice because i've always loved her and her story. i used to tell myself i'd be alice at disneyland. maybe one day...

i hope you are all having a stress free afternoon. if not. sit down. and do so.

ps.I have to credit the awesome Rosie for giving me the swift idea to make my own mountain. :] Shes brilliant.
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