Saturday, November 8, 2008

i'm looking up (139/365)

i'm so excited for the things to come next weekend! 3 shoots in one weekend. will be crazy! one is with some friends, so i'm excited to go on our little road trip to get to where were goin! look out for all those things next weekend. it makes me look up when im having a rough 365'er.

when i was younger, id swing on this lamp in my grandmas front yard like a monkey allll the time.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

barely breathing (137/365)

i've been so wrapped up in projects and life and everything that i feel like im barely hanging on... just barely breathing and coming up for air.

i am so excited to share with you all and interview i am in for a fashion blog/ezine! check it out here ! super exciting news and i was really honored to be asked :]

i was out shooting for my project again today, which was super hilarious. saran wrapping people is...funny.

im hoping tomorrow if i get sometime i can do a little walk-through video of my routine. how i set up each shot...take it.. hopefully that works out! also, still prints for sale up in my etsy and through me. let me know if you want to work out something sweet! frame available as well.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

fashion fiend (136/365)

i was so excited about messing around with my flash yesterday, that i did again today!

lit with my 430 EX flash at 1/2 power pointed backwards into my 45' silver umbrella + natural light from window = BAM

PS. i am wearing clothes. thanks.

PSS. i love my gray background to pieces.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted! have you? (135/365)

my first time voting was today! and i have to tell you. it felt really liberating. like i had just fought some crazy debate and was now sitting down in the victory corner. i guess thats a little too visual and optimistic. oh well. it was a good experience. and even if my vote doesn't really count (who knows if it actually does...) i felt good that i got to mark for MYSELF what i wanted in or out.

you have no idea how excited i was setting up this shot. i finally got a chance to use my 430 ex lit at 1/4 power at a 45% angle backwards into my 45' silver umbrella. getting nice even lighting results is sooooo exciting to me :]

a little hung up (134/365)

today wasn't day. i was on my way to a biology class lab in newport and overheats for the first time in its precious life. why me today! why me. i felt awful too, because my parents felt awful about not being able to be here to be with me and help me. so that basically ruined the rest of my day.

however. the best feeling was having my boyfriend cheer me up. he always pulls through for me :]

ps. have to credit this amazing girl, ::reflecting truth:: (another katie!) for her key inspiration for this photo.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

defiane to one's self (133/365)

afraid to come down.

this time change is throwing me off! today i had a quaffle with my grandma. i ended up switching my room (not over the fight) which was nice because its like moving into a new little apartment. something new to look forward to. i've been wasting my days doing a whole lot of nothing it seems. but all the work will soon pay off.

am i awake or dreaming (132/365)

this week has been such a blur. where did october go? really. its november already. and i get to go home in 3 weeks! i am so excited to see my family again, and my beloved kitteh.
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