Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Katlin + Johann full post

I have soo many fun things to share about Katlin and Johann's wedding. I went to high school with Katlin so it was nice to meet back up with someone and get to shoot their wedding! Katlin and Johann have been together 5 years (on their wedding day, exactly!) and are so sweet with each other. They were the so laid back during the wedding day and it was relaxing for me, as well. I felt more like a friend than an observer, so that was great. Katlin had seen my "first look" from another wedding, and had decided she wanted to do it as well (much to my excitement! I try and tell all my brides about it). She was still a little hesitant the day of, and asked me to see if Johann still was willing to do it. When I asked him he said "I'll do whatever she wants to do. If she wants to, lets do it." UMM how sweet is that! He was so willing to please her and that just shows their kind of love to one another. Anyways, the ceremony was great, the bridal party was funny, and the reception dance floor was hilarious! Always moving and dancing (and getting a little bit crazy). Enjoy!

Their first look was so sweet. They both said they wouldn't cry, but how cute it was when they did! The natural reaction of both of them was one of my favorites. We even had to end it and separate them because it got a little bit too emotional to handle. Didn't want to ruin too much make-up. I still love these pictures!

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