Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Lion (181/354)

The Lion (181/354)

The Lion's Biography: A fearsome thing to behold, but the charm of pearl. Beware, this female lion is very dangerous. ;]

Hahah. This was hilarious to shoot. painting my face and making my hair so curly it resembled an afro= great. I have to thank one of my friends for giving me the idea to paint my face like an animal! The closeup my face is even funnier :] I was trying to pose like a lion but ended up looking like a monkey! I think the next one I will be the tamer. :]

My dad's company dinner is tonight. Gotta run!

lion face

closeup of the lion!

Friday, December 19, 2008

death is peaceful (179/365)

life is harder.

im so burnt out on shopping. been going everyday with mom and dad since i got here. tomorrow i get to car shop though. drove me an audi last time. idk the model but it was fast. and i wanted it. i want a fast car. its probably a phase.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


i am dorky. enjoy

Audrey the Acrobat (178/365)

Audrey's Circus Biography: Known for her hair-splitting turns, outrageous flips, and ability to defy gravity during her act. Curious? See the show for yourself...

I made my outfit last night which was basically just the mini top hat and gold skirt with tulle. I think I'll post a close up of it in a little because I'm pretty proud of it.

4 more days till' i tell a cool secret.

I went shopping with my dad today again. My mom is hard to shop for, but waaay easy when we have a list. I think we got her everything in about 30 minutes? I know...He also bought his usual for her, which consists of something that costs a lot of money and that she will hate. I guess my dad never learns? Or my mom just doesn't know how to accept a nice gift. I think its more the second one.

hope you are all enjoying the holidays! the fog just rolled in and it look sooo beautiful.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Originally uploaded by Katherine Elizabeth
i'm empty today. i wont be able to add to my circus series, because im still "building" the my mind. but also making some things for it too that are fun. hopefully ill have a better photo tomorrow!

for now, you all get to meet my kitteh, Napoleon. (named after Napoleon Bonaparte because he is a smalllll small tabby) hes a cutie.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome to The Show (177/365)

I was looking at some old projects from my photo class and was inspired to expand on my circus project. except this time i think i might throw in a couple twists. im hoping to add to it everyday, but i really want to take the time to do well, so i might only add to the set every other day. so cheers to my opening act! the ringleader.

my parents and sister almost died laughing seeing me in this number. tights, tutu, silver shoes, yikes!

its about...20-something degrees outside, and i dont know how im going to get the balls go shoot outside. im just pretty glad i brought my boots. :]

hope you are all warm and cuddled up at home!

Monday, December 15, 2008

curiouser and curiouser (176/365)


i am soooo relieved i am caught up now on my 365 and HOME! i already have tons of ideas for future 365's! Yes. this is exactly what i needed. too bad its so dang bittersweet.

whos thirsty? (175/365)

before you all call my crazy, let me explain my shirt :D

my friends know about my somewhat obsessive compulsion for twilight....reading all day and night. so as a "joke" one of my friends bought me this shirt. they know me too well i guess, because its totally not a joke to me. i love it and will wear it around them everyday just to bug them. ahhhh kidding. but really. just look at that face...

plane delays (174/365)

flew home today. first delayed for...who know what reason. and then grounded on texas ground for 30 minutes to de-ice. the only good thing was that i had a row all to myself, and you know what i did? opened photobooth and went crazy.... ohhhhh i love it all.

but i am the proud owner of a shiny new red baby ipod nano. these things are damn compact. i feel like i could crush it within seconds. but, also the perfect size for me. and glad some profits went to AIDS. thanks Jer for my gift :] love you.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

protector of my dreams (173/365)

i've had some pretty crazy/scary dreams the past couple of nights. all just...really strange and in-communicable after i wake up. is that even a word?

im 2 days behind! my grandma "kicked" me out for the weekend since her sister and brother are coming in from england. so ive been unable to find suitable places for my 365. tragic. but once im home, ill be all ready to explode with choas. thanks for being patient. im going to try and catch up tonight and tomorrow. :] have a good night all.
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