Saturday, December 27, 2008

windy! (187/365)

i just wanted to post a funny picture, explaining my frustration at how windy it is outside! i woke up this morining to sounds that were like the wind murdering the trees. and rain beating on my window. i was so out of it asleep i convinced myself the wind would push through my window. it never did though :] but dang! stepping outside today was awful. wind blowing me every which way. fun and awful. i think im actually a little embarrassed posting this. haha.


Doublebanker said...

A very good photo demonstrating the wind speed. You've post a lot of good photographs. What happens when you reach 365/365? Hope you keep em comin.

Katie Elizabeth said...

when i reach 365, i simply don't have the pressure to take a picture everday! but i will definitely be posting as often as i can when i am done :]

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