Friday, October 24, 2008

bound to you (124/365)

i have been told lately, that i am "bound" to my computer. i can agree. i'm on it when im bored, when im not bored, procrastinating, etc. but its also a great source for networking with people who can help me with my career. also with models, clients, etc. this is a digital age. so its a no wonder my grandma was the one who complained. she doesn't get it.

however, i am noticing that i spend way too much of my free time on the computer when i could be doing other things more important. so starting today, i am cutting my computer activity down. for now :] i will still be keeping up with my 365, of course! my number one priority is this baby. but, i will only be setting aside two hours at most out of my day to edit, post, journal, check emails, etc. it bums me out, but i think it will improve myself. i will still try and keep up with all of you as well! so if you want to get a hold of my RIGHT away, just flickr mail me. and hopefully i can get back to you! :]

thanks for all your support.


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i'm going to PF Chang's for the first time. excited.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

color blind (121/365)

i'm planning on making a tutu out of this tulle. hehe....

my stiff neck feels a little better! even turning it in this position was a little sore.

Monday, October 20, 2008

stiff neck (120/365)

i woke up this morning with a stiff neck! the bf had one last night, must have been contagious! hehe. so i went around school all day feeling really out of place. it really makes me feel like i have a permanent problem. strange. so i took a nap, was pampered (and still is) by grandma, and took a heating pad to my neck. you know that awkward turn you do when its sore? like...if someone is addressing you and you can't turn that way, you feel like an idiot having to turn your WHOLE body in that direction. ahhh!

i hope this is gone tomorrow. and i look like a giraffe in this :] this is not my real neck length...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

an ocean's breath (119/365)

i took some rocks from my grandma's driveway and painted them ocean blue this morning :] you can't really tell, which is the sad part.

the art sale went well, just so you all know! i sold 2 that night, and two last night! some people had said they didnt have time during the show to get any, so im glad i sold 4! i had a really great moment when me and my friend were setting up. i was enjoying myself so much and felt in my element. i stood back and thought, "wow. i was really made for this." i haven't had a realization like that in my life ever. and im so glad i know where my heart belongs :]

i really hope in the future i can travel with my work and do some art shows to help out anyone or anything.
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