Saturday, July 19, 2008

how to keep an open mind (027/365)

how to keep an open mind (027/365)

Today you will notice that Kolby, Kayla and myself all have the same concept. The three of us all agree that the best way to view our projects(or anyone elses) is with an open mind. Its the most rewarding way to learn and really grow as an artist. When you have an open mind, light will shine through and really captivate your imagination. So although we may love (and you hate) textures, over-photoshopping and just down right creepy stuff, remember to keep your mind open. It will surely take you somewhere...

Ps. I will back up Kayla and Kolby's photos ANYDAY. don't make me throw down....hahahaah jk

Friday, July 18, 2008

batwoman (026/365)

batwoman (026/365)

i was totally inspired watching batman begins on tv last night. i had forgotten this morning when i took this that the dark knight came out and this might make me look too cliche. but actually made it all the better for me to post. this isnt my usual creepiness that i do. this is dark, creepy. and im glad it brings out a different side to me.

this morning i found my dad at home (which he isn't usually) and he said that this morning our 13 yr old rhodesian ridgeback had almost died swallowing her tongue. how horrible! also, that the doctors concluded that she had cancer. My dad was too choked up telling me this so I didnt ask anymore questions. We all knew she didnt have much longer to live, but once it hits you, it goes hard. I'm not too sad right now, but probably will be when she passes. 13 years of my life! wow, more than the majority of my life this dog has been my faithful bodyguard. she really has. ill leave it at that before i get emotional too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

your porcelin doll (025/365)

your porcelin doll (025/365)

wind me up, and i will become yours...

curled my hair today and wow, went flat within seconds of stepping into the texas heat. ugh! california, i love you for not doing this to my hair. i'm always trying to do things that require more and more work. this took a LOT of layers, but im glad it brought out some magic in my life :] like my enchanted forest behind me? hehe. have a lovely day all!

my sister just got her license so i am stuck at home with no car. and shes kinda bratty about sharing. not sure what happend with her. haha! but im being home. gives me time to REALLY relax. 60 yrs old and fall asleep watching tv. what a life! can't wait to move into my grandma's this semester and out of my condo! no more grocery more job. ohhhhhhh i can taste the sweetness. i love my gma. gunna miss my mom though, shes my best friend :D

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"these are a few of my favorite things" (024/365)

"these are a few of my favorite things" (024/365)

this was totally different in my mind. meaning it was better in my mind. sigh. there i go touching my hair again. GROW GROW!

heres a list of whats on the wall of my life. these are the things that consume me.

1. blue book=my 365 creativity book. i write EVERYTHING down. (past/present/future ideas)
2. black bow.
3. picture-Jeremy Bee! <3
4. rope-keeps me from being thrown overboard
5. feather- helps me become magical :D
6. laptop-i am on this thing too much! ahhh
7. sunglasses- i feel way too cool in them. should be illegal
8. boots- texas girl. on my feet too much out here
9. wallet- how else do i go shopping?! :D
10. book- northanger abbey (jane austen) workin on it!
11. big bag? my passion equiptment-camera bag!

im a real dork, and need to get outside more often.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

im gonna fly (023/365)

i'm gonna fly (023/365)

i guess im a little obsessed with anything that flys lately.

someone told me i need to get out more in my pictures. so today, im outside in this muggy weather, and by the looks of it pretending to be a model. my poor neighbors...they probably think im kooky or something. no textures today either, going back to my roots a little, with just a clean process :] its ok....

added some new stuff:

went shopping today. felt so good! it really does release some of my stress which is really funny. might do some more tomorrow. im on a roll. hahaha. im going up north in a couple weeks. so excited! my sister will get to meet all my friends at ephraim clothing so that should be fun! its been long awaited. monterey is my FAVORITE place in CA.

Monday, July 14, 2008

my soul is flying in the sky. (022/365)

my soul is flying in the sky. (022/365)

today i just feel like flying back to california to those who i love. and then come back to texas to sleep in my bed. hehe. if only...

i learn't how to make origami birds! yay! so fun and...a little frustrating. i think i could do it with my eyes closed now. youtube is seriously great for some things!

goodbye lovelies.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

when the heart grows (021/365)

when the heart grows (021/365)

oh look! im sprouting beautiful sunflower weeds :] theres a huge pile of dirt in the lot next to us (which we frequently ride ATV's over, sorry future neighbors) with these sunflower plants. wish they were actual sunflowers, they'd be huge! pulled up some roots while i was at it. got the floor a little messy coming back in :D

i wish it looked a litle more like it was growing out of my hand more. i think i need to practice a little more in PS. luckily i have talented friends who really know what their doing! thanks Josh for showing me the extracting tool. my new best friend that i will use forever now.

also, some exciting news! i just sold my FIRST print in my etsy shop! somehow i was featured in the treasury section on the front page! wow! what an honor. people are really responding to my stuff. so its nice! weird to know someone in boston will have my little paper hat and face on their walls! hehe :D

gunna go swim now. its super hott in texas! ahhhh
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