Saturday, February 21, 2009


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finally...caught up! ugh. excuse these.

i try to look cool sometimes. butttttt i just want to be anonymous today


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i never smile...haha


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ummmm no comment? ;D

that wall is the space i get to work with everyday :]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

swallowed in the sea (241/365)

"well thats where i belong, and you belong with me..."

whats sad is that i have a lazy eye. it can wink. and the other eye can't. whyyyyy. maybe it has to do with being left-handed. idk. good things are coming this weekend! i have the CUTEST couple shoot planned tomorrow. can't wait. some new album artwork being created. and other things all good :]

my art history test went awesome. i knew every single answer. isn't that the best feeling ever? i felt like i could have karate chopped my wood desk in half.

hand-painted! ahhhh messy and felt silly. i even had to hand paint my body. backwards...?

strobist: AB800 with large softbox at 1/8 power at camera left. about...5 feet away.

we were blind (239/365)

ive been seeing a lot strange things on flickr. a lot of hate-directed photos. and messages about the content now on flickr. i think most of you know what i mean. if not, let me explain. i was reading the other day someones opinion about photos posted by members only for fame or popularity. and now they "hate" it and want to rebel against it. i can agree to some extent. there can be some phonies out there, who like to post odd things. but who are you to say its not art? I appreciate what Duchamp was trying to say when he created his lovely urinal piece. However, seeing the messages made me evaluate myself and what I post. I don't post things to gain views or see how many times I can get on explore. Those are all nice things, and i appreciate feedback, etc, but thats not my main goal. I post things with substance and meaning for MYSELF, in hopes that it can open the eyes of others. I just wanted to clear that up. I'd like to know what you think, if you have an opinion on the craze on flickr!

i wanted to pay tribute to my "set to sea" post-it note picture :] so i brought them back. and plastered my wall in them! sorry grandma. also created a mess with paint on my body.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Part II (240/365)

"words don't break bones; hearts though, sometimes"

lack of effort due to huge and scary art history test tomorrow morning! gahhh. giottomichelangeloraphaelmarcovaldocimabue!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


covered in paint!

Monday, February 16, 2009

release (238/365)

what makes me laugh is that today is trash day. what a pleasant sight to see in my photos :]

she was like wine turned to water (237/365)

...then turned back to wine.

music has been inspiring me lately, more often than usual. and today is a good day. relaxing, catching up, doing homework (which im actually enjoying....pathetic!) and reading. its still raining here. off and on, and i wish i could find a big puddle!

later i'm going to go outside and take a video of how pretty it is here when it rains! wet pavement is so beautiful sometimes. and the mist! ahhh

ALSO! Yesterday I was featured on an awesome website! 1918 Vintage
Be sure to check it out, as well as the interview I had on her blog!

watch my garden grow (236/365)

my short absence has been somewhat frustrating! that anxiety build-up. ill try not to imagine how it will feel when i'm finished! anyways, ive been so busy! being loved and yadda yadda. school work, other work. gah! life decisions, future decisions. all sorts of feelings and things to think about in 3 days. yikes. but i am here now. ready to sleep and enjoy my day off classes tomorrow! later later laterrrr zzzzzz....

love in retrospect (235/365)

sometimes it seems backwards
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