Saturday, October 18, 2008

Benefit Show! (117/365)

i know most of you aren't from my area, so i wanted my 365 today to be from my friend Josh's benefit show! My super fantastic visionary artist of a friend, Veronica, helped me with my set-up today! We worked from 1-5pm on it! sounds crazy but a lot of work went into it. tea bagging the backdrop...etc.etc. overall, it was a really great night :]

Thursday, October 16, 2008

nervous! (116/365)

so excited and nervous for tomorrow's benefit show! im really hoping its a succes so Josh can get to africa! should be fun, though :] all my closest friends will be there. its good to have their support.

i went to LACMA today (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) wow. so amazing. I JUST missed their vogue portrait exhibit opening on the 26th :[ Mainly the reason I went! But I am definitely going back to see it. forgot my camera....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mirror Mirror Can't You See (114/365)

That something's got a hold on me
And I'm not feeling very well
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I'm not sure who made you fall
I don't remember anything (Do you remember me?)
-He Is Legend

The singer of this band is one of the most visual and dream-like writers ive read. Hes definitely a visionary and i love that! Makes me think a little harder.

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have supported my work thus far for this project =* <--kiss. I've been introduced to so many wonderful people who want to work with me, and be apart of my passion. So thank you. End gushy-ness.

My flickr keeps telling me that my pro account ends today! How sad. I almost want to bash it every time I read it. Hopefully I'll get that back to pro in no time :]

Monday, October 13, 2008

prints that are awesomeeee

over-crowded (113/365)

finally! some REAL relief. my last test for this week was today (ive had two crazy biology tests in the last two weeks). so its nice to know i dont have to stress out this week. my grandma said i was bound to my computer. shame on you flickr. but...she doesn't really understand. i'm actually doing something that is usefull 80% of the time. this is a digital age, grandma!

I send out my first sale from etsy tomorrow. This awesome person bought 5 photos of mine! and let me tell you...they printed out sooo nice I want to keep them for myself


Originally uploaded by Katherine Elizabeth
when will today be over with....seriously. i'm all outta juice :[.....for now.

almost forgot. my grandma made the BEST pumpkin cupcakes. you should all know that during fall...i go pumpkin crazy.


Originally uploaded by Katherine Elizabeth
late upload :[ had work all last night and threw in the towel after a "photography block." ehhhhh. work was funny though. shot a homecoming dance. i never went to my homecoming so i was pretty...regretful. its ok though. weddings are much better :]
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