Friday, June 26, 2009

sun in moderation

i'm enjoying every bit of being home. sleeping in the best bed know to human kind. seeing movies with my dad, catching SOME sun, and not all since i burn too easily, and being with my kitty. i miss him. i'm already dreading leaving. i'm so torn. it's hard to part with my family because i love them, and am close to them. it seems like it gets harder every time. i'm hoping this next semester of school i'll be able to see them more often. i think i will.

well, as far photography, i'm still kicking butt finishing a CD layout. i had no idea it would be so time consuming. BUT, i'm loving the results. hopefully you'll get to see it very soon! i'm having a small creative breakdown as well. its like the "oh crap, 365 is over, what do i do now?" except...i know i want to continue doing creative things with self portraits, or just in general. but i just need to gather myself and mind, and let it be known it can breathe for once and take the time to create something. i struggled with that so much in my 365. each day suffocated my creative thoughts, so that none was even there. i know what i'm capable of. and i'm not satisfied with myself yet.

oh no.

goodnight lovelies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

home at best.

i just arrived at home in dallas, texas last night. so pleased and incredibly grateful to be here! i have two homes, and its difficult. this is me and my precious kitty; napoleon. named after napoleon bonaparte because he is small for his species as well =p. today i woke up at 12pm, went swimming with my sister and mom, had a nice summer lunch, and sat around. if summer could get any better...well, i dont know if it can be. i'm throughly looking forward to all the crazy things my family and i will do, including ATV rides, San Antonio vacation, and trips to places i love. today i took my sister's senior pictures (both crazy and weird to do because shes all grown up now...well...sorta =p) and did so at a cool orchard. visit my flickr stream to get the update. all her friends want them now too! cute. :]

since the end of my 365, i've been working on editing past commissions, working on a brand new CD for a client, and starting my blurb book. that will be such a big project. how do you narrow down so many photos?! well, i will!...eventually. i hope to make it and sell it all for a reasonable price! hopefully will be good to me :] i've also got some jewelry companies sending me some pieces of their's for me to model. SO FUN!

my boyfriend has been so inspirational to me, about what to do next with my Self Portraits on flickr. And we've come up with the PERFECT thing. Can't wait to start and show you all. It will be very different.

this is good night.
(i left a piece of me back in ca.)
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