Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today...I want to disappear (163/365)

I really did disappear today. Most people couldn't grab my attention even if they tried to pry book 2 of the twilight saga from my hands. I haven't become obsessive with a book series like this since high school...and that was harry potter. I'm not really sure what it is. It's definitely not obsessing over everything, but more specifically something. I can't describe it. I'm too old to stalk like a 12 year old.

I was reading again in the library. But, instead of smiling while reading, I was almost in tears. Realizing my scenery of college kids, I was quick to hide my feelings. Its pathetic when I can relate to a love story. These series really capture my self. I was in pure agony in book two. I thought the nightmares wouldn't end myself, thinking about it all being over. I got curious and even went to the end of the book, just to make sure Edward wasn't an a-hole for the rest of it. I was pleased. I think I relate to Bella more than I understand. My life may not be as romantic as being with a vampire, but I understand the unbearable sense of being away from someone you love. I sometimes try and imagine what it would be like, and as pathetic as it may sound...I think it would be dangerously closely to Bella's "black hole" experiences.

I think this may have been the most vulnerable journal to date. But really nice to let some steam off my chest. I'm a girl, after all....I need to breathe.


The Keeper of the Keys said...

LOL. I have a friend who'd go to her college library to read twilight too!
And don't worry about New Moon. I cried BUCKETS. And I don't usually do that you know, for a book.
I like Jacob, I hardly missed Edward.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I don't like Jacob and I cried in new moon. Its insane. I never get this into books. I hardly even read. And like you said To old to stalk like a twelve year old. haha.

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