Friday, October 10, 2008

just a touch. (108/365)

starting today and for a whole week, i am going to stray away from pasting myself in places that aren't real. as much as i love this, i want to try and go back to my roots to improve my natural lighting skills w/o having to PP soooo much! hope this does not disappoint all of you! it is only for a week :]

i'm going to disneyland tonight! :D so excited to spend my night there with my sha.

also, seeing the dutchess in an hour! i love period movies. and love kiera. so i will probably dress up as her in a future photo out of obsession for that time period. haha.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

by a thread (107/365)

i'm really just hanging on by a thin thread. i think i plan so much for myself. the trouble is, im the type of person who HAS to do it. i dont make promies to myself and others i cant keep. so if i have a goal, i do it. and then i spread myself thin and dont have enough time!

well. maybe ill take a little time off from being so busy (but still do my 365...of course)

don't forget to check out my new dress! :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

relieved and...reality check (106/3650

well! the test is over (for now). thank to all of you and your kind works an well-wishes. i really hope i did OK. lots of studying went on. youll find out on monday how i did! (unless i did terrible...ill probably try to avoid the conversation)

so i am now relieved. and then bam. lab exam on monday. ohhhhhhh goody. i had so much time today, and yet so little.(forigve me. this is totally boring) new update tomorrow which will be fun! lots of exciting new news for me.

lit with my 430ex flash at 1/8 power.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

...still studying (107/365)

i've been cramming my mind all day. taking no breaks. reminding myself i HAVE to atleast pass this exam which is ironically a "difficult" exam as my teacher states. biology has no relation to my career. infact, it is basically polar opposites. why am i doing this? oh...thats right. the little piece of paper that says B.F.A in Creative Photography to Katherine is CALLING MY NAME!

i'm ranting a little, right? sorry :[ this is overwhelming. yesterday i was pretty confident. and today im just on my knees.

Monday, October 6, 2008

cellular respiration (106/365)

glucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water + ATP

get in my brain! i thought, hey, what better way to study for a difficult biology exam than to relate it to my career? so take that bio 101! you will be defeated on wednesday morning.

what you do to me (105/365)

your words are like noose around my neck.

i had "one of those days" today. stomach pains, curling up into a ball in my bed, warm tea, wrong things. i dont even really remember what i did today? oh! thats right. im listing an exciting new item in my etsy will all be surprised :) enjoy the rest of your night!
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