Thursday, August 12, 2010

David + Brittney

When I think about David and Brittney, I think about the kind of love that is patient, relaxed, and loyal. They dated for 7 years before getting hitched, and when we first met I asked them if there was anything special that they wanted photographed, and their response was "whatever you want! we're really laid back and don't mind. We totally trust you." They let me be free with anything I came up with, and that is really liberating for a photographer. Plus, they were the nicest and most calm to talk to and communicate with! The wedding day was just as relaxed as the them! And that is really refreshing to work in an environment that fun. Even though it was sweltering hot that day, no one put up a fuss and it worked out great. One of the best parts was the reception, the guests were so fun to shoot! A super lively bunch. Thanks again to David and Brittney for allowing me to be a part of their special day, and Kelsey Heng, my awesome second shooter who I enjoyed shooting with!

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