Friday, December 12, 2008

winter chill (172/365)

only 3 more days until i am home in Texas for my christmas break. I am excited and not. One, I get a break from my grandparents who have been really...not-so-nice lately. Two, im missing two of my friend's birthdays! :[ sad. Three, I get to be home! and sleep in anddddd be spoiled for 3 weeks =p

Thursday, December 11, 2008


i've been getting a lot of orders in my etsy shop for pictures, and was sooooo excited that people were ordering biiig pictures! 24x24's and 20x30's! so excited to get an opportunity to see them in real life. i drool over them, shamefully. if any of you order prints and hang them up, PLEASE send me pictures so i can see them in action! ive got a few more orders to settle today, so i am excited for that!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fire and Ice (171/365)

Fire and Ice (171/365)

"some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. from what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice."

if i had any more time in my day i would have been a little more creative. but my finals are sucking every last breath out of me. (no pun?) so here i am. little me. my face of fire in your world of ice. eeeehhhhhhhh. oh before i go, good news. i passed biology! i need to celebrate....forever.

rain cloud over my head (170/365)

my last day in biology tomorrow. what a relief. to be done with it for the rest of my life! well. if i pass :] this rain cloud will go away soon. and my doom and gloom attitude shall perish with it.

i realize this is more manipulated than im used to. i try and keep it simple now. but i couldnt help myself. it was funny.

gotta study! enjoy all your sleep!

Monday, December 8, 2008

They could not exist together (169/365)

"...and i never should have tried."

I want to personally thank my friends at Love.Nail.Tree Clothing! They offered to give me some really awesome new clothes to sport in my 365! (basically endorsed, right? pretty dang sweet...) And let me tell you...I'm in love with the shirts! I have a photo on my blog so you can better see this shirt...It does not do it justice here! Not to mention theres a sweet design on the INSIDE! Click on the link to check out some of there other stuff!

in other news, i finished book 3. i loved it but was pretty disappointed about how much the author touched on the subject of Bella loving Jacob. In love. what?! that almost ruined it for me. But...I understand. Now I need to hunt around for book 4...

I have finals all this week, and its looking pretty scary! I really hope I can get through them all. My schedule next semester seems really nice. lots of art classes...finally getting into stuff thats up my alley! I hope you are all having a good monday...although monday's usually suck. nonetheless! I am happy to hear from you all :]

close-up of shirt!

disneyland (168/365)

i don't usually post personal photos. but in an effort to keep my head above water, i have to.

(167/365) ...maybe

this is disgusting. i need to study too much. a better description and hopefully, photo, in the morrow!

ps. 10 min later and i regret posting this. but i will go crazy if i have nothing.
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