Friday, February 18, 2011

The Answering Machine "Lifeline"

When I first got the email from The Answering Machine, a band from Manchester UK, about creating some album artwork alongside my "restrictions" images, I knew I was had to say yes. They seemed passionate about the creation of the artwork, and wanted me to have the freedom to create it. Talk about dream team! Something every artist wants is the freedom to create what they want. Of course, I took into consideration themes, ideas, and lyrical inspiration. But that was easy, because all of their ideas were so good!

They just released their album "Lifeline" which you can check out on their website:

As for the music itself, I'm in love! Literally. When the band send along a little package with the CD and T-shirt (seen below) I listened to the whole thing, start to finish, before bed one night. The song writing along with the lyrics just mesh so well, and make you feel like your being serenaded. It does reach a point where it becomes like a romantic breakup, which is sort of calming in its own way. But anyways, I'm no music critic nor do I even know if what I'm saying is true. But buy the CD! Its a great listen and something you'll want to keep forever. It's very timeless.

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