Saturday, November 29, 2008

where she jumped...(160/365)

she did not know. ('ve had NO time at all for my 365) 22 more days until i announce some cool news that i think will workkkkk!

i'm home safely now from Texas. Going back in exactly two weeks. and alone this time! :D more time with mom. (i just need to finish my finals and poof, i'm gone).

i'm really tired tonight, but i wanted to admit to everyone, that i secretly watched twilight last night at 3am. bad news for my sleep. i had told almost all my close friends how much i loathed this movie because i knew they were cheaters from harry potter. well. i was wrong. the only thing in common i guess is the lead role, who was in the HP movie. plus it deals with super natural powers, etc. but totally different storyline. but let me just tell you all loud and clear. after that movie, i wished i was edward's vampire girlfriend. i even made my boyfriend take me to the bookstore today in a freakish frenzy to find book #2 because i dont have the patience to wait for the movie. dun dun dun....insert new obsession.

night all!

Friday, November 28, 2008

breaking barries (159/365)

it is my last day home. didnt have much time to take or write. im in bed now, with my sisters little puppy she is babysitting. i think ill go to sleep now. plane tomorrow! night all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

365 outtake!

really funny. i hope you all get a nice laugh out of this.

goodbye lovelies.

she wanted a change (158/365)

happy thanksgiving everyone! i thoroughly stuffed myself and am still going back and forth to the fridge for pie :]

saw this stock today and fell in love. although i still wish i had more time on my hands to give the image its i guess. with the grandparents here, it doesnt exactly make this trip relaxing. less time for anything. yikes!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

listless (157/365)

i am a little nervous about this week and the next two! i've had very little time to take and put effort into my 365 due to all the thanksgiving festivities and finals coming up. not to mention the TREMENDOUS amount of editing i have to do for other commissioned shoots. i still need to post a video on my blog. and possibly tomorrow i will seeing as my sister and i are doing my alice in wonderland shoot for my portraiture class final! yes. yessss.

happy turkey day tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the light is much brighter...(156/365)

in the comfort of your own home.

i am so excited to be home! resting...and playing and being outside because i have so much more freedom! i've had a somewhat busy day today, and i still have more things to do to prepare myself for my folktales final portfolio for my photography final. ahh! it will be great. i will be doing some digital images so you can see them all ASAP. also, i will be having a friend come over to shoot some behind-the-scenes so you can all get an idea of my set-up. i will also be posting a video today or tomorrow, depending on how quickly the light falls. maybe a tour of the farm behind us :]

i hope you all are enjoying the thanksgiving week!

Monday, November 24, 2008

i'm sailing home (155/365)

don't have time to update. fast PS today, have to go get on my plane! :D

pray i have a safe flight. they make me a little nervous!

-good bye lovelies.

cold settles in. (154/365)

big thanks to sleep for sleepers for taking me out for a fun shoot today. they jumped on my visionary train and i really enjoy working for people who understand the me and not just "want anything" for pictures. have a vision, bands! please. it will make me happy. also, thanks to SFS for being so willing to help me with my 365! :D

you will see some super awesome shots up soon. for now, i need sleep. i have a flight to catch tomorrow! ooooo home. you sound so good right now.

ps. you know that news i was going to tell you all in 6 months? well. its getting close. and im really excited.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

the balance of life (153/365)

something i think everyone learns in their college years. figuring out how to do everything at once is a tough decision. and most times you feel like your about to go off the edge. but things turn around. eventually.

sorry for my recent M.I.A. i was up in the mountains allllll today shooting a band and hanging out. plus i had to come home and pack ASAP.
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