Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tessa the Tightrope Walker (184/365)

Tessa's Biography: Dangerously risky, Tessa can maneuver through any situation on a rope. 5 ft up or 100 ft up, one-legged, or hands only, she will dazzle.

I have to take pictures of me and my sister tomorrow for a present im giving my mom! excited to see them come up cause I think they will be great. She will like it i think. Shes that "memento" type of person. I feel like movie watching the rest of the night until I fall asleep. Sounds too good to me. Night flickr! Enjoy pre-christmas!

PS. I've been working on my first album cover this week! I had a slight set-back with guy models, but man, i am loving it. These are the type of projects i breathe and live for.

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