Friday, August 15, 2008

oh, alice (054/365)

It was much pleasanter at home, when one wasn't always growing larger and smaller, and being ordered about by mice and rabbits.

I love my grandma's yard. I think she pretty much lives in my dream home.

Today I get to do some shots of my beautiful friend. More to come later tonight, I assure you!

I've been going through a alice phase in my mind lately. maybe a set will come out of this. I am DYING to get a lighting kit, or just to start school so I can borrow the schools :] so many good things to come this week! Models, Bands, the works!

a little sew crazy (053/365)

i've been sewing like a mad woman lately. buying patterns, cutting, pinching, pinning, poking, bleeding. yikes!

today i kinda feel like curling up into a ball and just sitting in a corner. :[

curly sue. (052/365)

Makeup : Amanda Pritchard

what makes me laugh about this picture, is that i try to be a model and end up looking like a goof :]

i saw brideshead revisited today. got me really inspired to dress in the 40's but that failed. so i worked with it and had my friend amanda do my make-up for the first time! i've never had so much on in my life, but felt so nice! i've never had it done for me either, so i felt like a queen :D thanks manda.

as for the movie...interesting. i love all those period movies. i'm an "old soul" as someone commented on my last era picture. i really hated the ending, though. these two people who "loved" each other were never together. either because of...bad timing (which in the end didnt matter) or of God's intervention as it seemed. Really saddening to me, because I like a good ending, where two people are in love and together. But then again...reality isn't always like that.

for the few (051/265)

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few will find it." Matthew 7:13-14

i have a few friends who love this verse. its definitely been a big part of my past, which i feel [she] is lost forever. this is dedicated to them :]

ps. i have some exciting news for some of you who live in my area (ca...sorry texans) although you won't be able to hear about it for...5 months or so? yikes! the suspense... ;]

monday, and i am alone (050/365)

i sort of hate weekdays. i do nothing really, and just do things to keep me busy (which they do) i am almost anxious to start school in a week! so for now i sit still like a blank canvas waiting to splashing some sort of color into my life.

i find myself at the same wall as yesterday. my grandma's house is decorated so nicely, all the wall space is non-existent!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

for dreamers (049/365)

for dreamers (049/365)

something that i haven't really told anyone except my CLOSEST friends will be shared today. i'm sure at the end, you will all think i am totally weird.

when i was about 11...or 12, i had a dream about one of my friends. i was in a department store with my mom and we walked past the shoe department, my friend was in there trying on a pair of white sneakers, keds or something. as I walked past her, i felt this really sick feeling. I didnt actually feel sick, but its the best way I can describe the feeling. I remember thinking that this feeling meant she had some sort of strange disease. The kind where you can't tell on the know? I didnt stop and say hi to her either, because I was scared of this feeling I just felt.

When I was about...15, I started seeing people in real life that made me experience this feeling again. The people terrified me! They were people I didn't know. For example, I used to work at a food place as a cashier, and this one girl came in with her friend, and immediately when I looked up at her I felt this feeling. I'm sure my face went white! So i took her order almost trying to avoid making any sort of eye contact. There have been several other occasions that I have felt this. One being the most recent of a girl on the phone. I would do ANYTHING to avoid the call. I didnt know her, or have ever met her.

I dont think that because of this dream I have some sort of magical powers or anything, but I've been trying to make a connection with it. Who knows, you know? I was encouraged to ask the people questions, but I'm already in shock when I see the person and feel that sick feeling. I haven't had a strong one in a couple months, maybe a couple little ones where I see someone, feel the feeling slightly, and then Its really strange.

Enjoy my secret.
queen of hearts (047/365)

queen of hearts (047/365)

although, i would much rather be alice.

i actually considered applying as alice at disneyland a while ago since im small to begin with. hehe! i printed out a kids cut-out crown and painted it :] i know this will be pretty controversial, but YES that is real fur. Its my grandma's urn scarf. I didnt even know what an urn sad though. I had no other option in my mind: wear a royal looking fur scarf or....look boring. I personally don't like killing animals for fur, unless they are already dead. But who's to say that someone said that the animal was dead and really wasnt? So...its a tough subject.

i'm a mess (048/365)

i'm a mess (048/365)

i had a rough night last night (im seriously a wimp), and with MANY un-successful attempts at my 365 this morning, i wasn't a happy camper.

i have to start moving out the rest of my furniture today, not down. although, i am taking pictures today of a band! :D

tomorrow you will all get to know me a little bit better. a strange secret. it will not disapoint. haha.

how to be awesome
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