Saturday, November 29, 2008

where she jumped...(160/365)

she did not know. ('ve had NO time at all for my 365) 22 more days until i announce some cool news that i think will workkkkk!

i'm home safely now from Texas. Going back in exactly two weeks. and alone this time! :D more time with mom. (i just need to finish my finals and poof, i'm gone).

i'm really tired tonight, but i wanted to admit to everyone, that i secretly watched twilight last night at 3am. bad news for my sleep. i had told almost all my close friends how much i loathed this movie because i knew they were cheaters from harry potter. well. i was wrong. the only thing in common i guess is the lead role, who was in the HP movie. plus it deals with super natural powers, etc. but totally different storyline. but let me just tell you all loud and clear. after that movie, i wished i was edward's vampire girlfriend. i even made my boyfriend take me to the bookstore today in a freakish frenzy to find book #2 because i dont have the patience to wait for the movie. dun dun dun....insert new obsession.

night all!

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