Saturday, November 22, 2008

closer (152/365)

the binds are getting closer. the stress is piling on. bring it on, finals.

i had a much different image in my mind. i wanted to physically tape my body to the ground but, i dont think my grandma's dog could have helped even. sorry, baxter. i need a personal assistant sometimes. haha! i wish...

i did some product shots yesterday. wow. really crazy stuff because its totally not my style, as you all can tell. but fun to try and get under my belt.

hope you all are having a good friday, and enjoy your weekend :]

Thursday, November 20, 2008

a door closes, and another opens...(151/365)

so my car is still the same. things are looking a little better, even though they will probably get worse. i'm feeling a lot of pressure/stress from family to get a job. not because i need to help out with anything financially, but because...well...i dont know! they must think im lazy. but i really just want to focus on school and my project. i think i may have found another solution...

lets hope this door is the right one.

this took a while to edit. i would have loved to smash my laptop a couple times, but refrained, thankfully. i need to teach myself some new tricks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the world was too big for her (150/365)

so much for happy photos of excitement. i found out my car is basically toast. it makes things harder to get a new one. not sure what will happen. hopefully nothing too drastic will have to happen.

i just want to curl up and sleep today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

let me be free (148/365)

i am going back home to Texas in about 6 days! and almost as soon as I come back...I'll be back in a flash. Very excited to just be home, but also to have more time for my 365 project. I'm hoping to use some models for some other ideas I have on the side as well. :]

the world is under my feet (149/365)

i think the next 5 days will only be happy photos. i am so excited to go back home and relax. the stress of school and everything around me is daunting. need to let loose. although some of my stress will be coming along with me (my grandparents) ill be happy to leave and take a break. and be in MY OWN house :]

ill be scanning some images from my last photo assignment which was FUN! saran wrapping friends is a great idea. i also was told my photo final is on fairytales. i chose alice because i've always loved her and her story. i used to tell myself i'd be alice at disneyland. maybe one day...

i hope you are all having a stress free afternoon. if not. sit down. and do so.

ps.I have to credit the awesome Rosie for giving me the swift idea to make my own mountain. :] Shes brilliant.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

is it snowing? (147/365)

it definitely looks like its snowing over here in ash-y southern california. if you step outside, it looks like a sunset and little ash flakes are falling all over the place. i woke up in the middle of the night freaked out because my room smelt like smoke. i think i have a sensitive nose because in order for me to get back to sleep, i had to cover my mouth in my sheets like a gas mask. haha.

the sheet around me is my filter for air. hehe

i feel terrible for all the families who have lost their home. i was worried i'd be evacuated, but thankfully it went east. sorry eastern side!
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