Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 things I love about Wednesday

Today I have another "10 things" Wednesday post, and I'm really happy to share these because I'm all the way over in Dallas, Texas at home. I'll be here for 3 weeks and that makes me really excited. Good to have some time to myself, and my family before school starts back up again.

I have to mention first the things in Texas that really draw me over. My family of course, so here's a couple of them (minus mom and dad). My sister took me shopping and out to lunch recently which was really fun to get to spend some time with her. And here is her dog, Bentlee, who loves me a wholeee lot when I come home.

I made some crafts today, one is a cat bed for our new kitten were bringing home tomorrow! (I know, I sewed a cat bed, sue me! I'm cat crazy). I won't share the name or what it looks like yet, because once I get the kitten you will probably all be saying "another picture of the cat, again?!" Our family is REALLY excited to bring the kitty home.

And I made a camera strap! A friend inspired me to sew one, and I'll be giving one away when I'm back in CA so keep a lookout, they're a cute way to style out your camera!

My other favorite things here in texas are below. One being my bed, which is super soft and comfy. I think thats the first thing I tell most my friends about why I love home. "My bed!" I scream. And of course, the boots. I have plenty a' pair and even though its sweltering hot right now, they do me no wrong. Great to plow through those tall grass fields in the summer :] I love my boots.

I also like to keep you updated on my recent edits, so here are a couple more. These are from the past wedding I did. I'm now on the preparation shots and I don't even know how many times I've shouted "YES!" while editing a picture. Its a great feeling and I'm falling in love with my shots.

And lastly, two very random things I love.

1. traveling. I have seriously been bitten by the travel bug this summer. I am dying to go somewhere. I realize I'm at a luxury to be able to come home to Dallas as my vacation, but I want more! I want something unfamiliar. Hopefully this summer I'll be able to do something; if not, early January!

2. found a cute new clutch on etsy I love: check out the store!

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