Saturday, March 7, 2009

Before and After: Veronica

Just for fun. Easiest way to describe my method is just....cross-processing layers, contrast layers, vignette, color fill layers adjustments, and lots more adjustments! a good edit can really save a photo.

Friday, March 6, 2009

yellow sea (256/365)

how incredible is this field? one of the most beautiful mustard fields i've seen/experienced. had to hike up 3 different slopes of mud to get to the top and it was just breath taking! thanks to veronica for trekking up there and being my mode today! more to come of her...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Behind the Scenes. from katie reed on Vimeo.

So here is my first behind the scenes video of a friends band: The Workday Release! Check them out at Fun guys! Their debut album is doppin this month with my artwork design on it, so buy one! Cause then you get a little piece of me :] Let me know if this was fun or not and i'll post some from now on when i have shoots! :D


ps. you can't hear me, but i'm saying "their crazy" haha!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

dreams, dream, dreaming

i've been having a lot of strange day-dream, night dreams that have to do with losing my boyfriend. maybe its anxiety my conscious has. i'm not sure. i mean, who wants to loose their boyfriend because he was shot by your grandpa in a dream? but its not like a dwell on his death or cheating (which was the day dream). idk. i have huge trust in my bf, so thats not an issue.

whats funny about the dream, is that i met my favorite nascar driver (dale jr) and asked if he would let me draw him. he did, and posed for me across some small river (weird?!) and then he wrote down his email and number for me while this girl next to me kept saying "oh my gosh he gave you his number!" even though he acted like he didnt care. haha. so strange. and i just need this dream down in documentation for later use if it happens again.

shedding (255/365)

today feels incredible. i've gotten almost everything done on my list of things to do for today which is a huge accomplishment seeing as my list is usually long and extremely detailed. now i can wake up knowing i've shed some of my load that has been weighing me down! yay!

first pair (254/365)

of Tom's (

Gift from valentine's. how fitting for the red :] I have some, now you should too!

Great benefit. Every pair you buy, they donate to a child in need in other countries (africa...etc)

this is what i look like when...(253/365)

i have to write 5 page paper by tonight. yippe!

this is probably the most "homely" you have all seen me!

i=nerd. :]

Monday, March 2, 2009

the question (252/365)

...only seems backwards.

i feel like sometimes i should be walking around with a big scarlet letter-type emblem on my chest. (a question mark, in this case). my mind lives in reality, but my heart and hopes are in dream land. sometimes i feel like i barely gain consciousness. which may tribute to my ongoing bad memory. i'm not senile! i just don't remember the things that should be important. my mind dumps them into the "forget this" bin. and so then i'm left wondering. a big question mark on my chest...

i'm really fascinated with the way i work. mentally. like why i do things, think things. i realize (thanks to my interpersonal comm. class) why i do certain physical things, like cross my arms to create barriers. its really not a barrier for me though, more like a comforting position, it means i'm more relaxed. but people perceive it differently.

i think tomorrow i'm going to bring my laptop to my band promo shoot and leave the video camera rolling for forever and post a video! :] yeah. that seems like a good idea...

night all.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Originally uploaded by Katherine Elizabeth
what a disappointment. i know
you'd think with all my free weekends i'd be better, but i do my best in the week.
looking forward to sleep and tomorrow.

i have things to look forward to, and so do you!
+video for next shoot i do :]
+etsy update

i say everyone take 10 minutes in there day tomorrow to lay in the grass on your back! if its snowing or just impossible where you are...lay in bed.second best thing.
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