Saturday, December 27, 2008

love smiles on me in the strangest ways (188/365)

this is my first time posting some usage from my AB 800! yayyyy strobism. at 1/8 of power, bare. i even have a light meter to cheat >=) really fun and i can't wait to use it more often.

yesterday was a good barrier breaker for me. and i'm glad some things that were left unsaid, are now said.

hope you are all enjoying the holiday season still!

windy! (187/365)

i just wanted to post a funny picture, explaining my frustration at how windy it is outside! i woke up this morining to sounds that were like the wind murdering the trees. and rain beating on my window. i was so out of it asleep i convinced myself the wind would push through my window. it never did though :] but dang! stepping outside today was awful. wind blowing me every which way. fun and awful. i think im actually a little embarrassed posting this. haha.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

wrapped (186/365)

i made a dress out of wrapping paper! i wanted to do it as a tribute to my other newspaper dress photo and wrap the walls as well, but today wasn't worthy of work! i stayed in my PJs most of today, which is exactly what i needed. and its gone by so fast!

merry christmas! i hope you are all enjoying your family and company.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas 2008 (185/365)

me and my sister are giving 3 other pictures including this one in a cute frame. shell love it. maybe even cry...haha. i love my mom.

(she looks like my dad, i look like my mom)

Merry Christmas eve!!!! i have a cute photo for tomorrow.

ps. i love brown tones right now. :]

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tessa the Tightrope Walker (184/365)

Tessa's Biography: Dangerously risky, Tessa can maneuver through any situation on a rope. 5 ft up or 100 ft up, one-legged, or hands only, she will dazzle.

I have to take pictures of me and my sister tomorrow for a present im giving my mom! excited to see them come up cause I think they will be great. She will like it i think. Shes that "memento" type of person. I feel like movie watching the rest of the night until I fall asleep. Sounds too good to me. Night flickr! Enjoy pre-christmas!

PS. I've been working on my first album cover this week! I had a slight set-back with guy models, but man, i am loving it. These are the type of projects i breathe and live for.

Monday, December 22, 2008

ain't it the truth (183/365)

i love being home. i like relaxing and basically doing nothing. i could be considered a bum at home, i guess. But, it leaves me too much free time. i become my own friend and think too much. it can either make me happy or very sad. i doubt, i fear, i wonder. i laugh, i smile....i think theres too many negatives. when my parents come home, i'm better. but being stuck at this house all day drives me nuts. i made little friends when i lived here (it was only half a year!) soooo i am stuck. i need something to distract me. before i go crazy. like.. a pair of wings to fly. ahhh too cheesy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

thats what we need (182/365)

i love my shutters. the light coming in makes me feel real. like its from a movie. i just wanted it to be simple too. relax my mind.

i went to the eye doctors today and had my eyes re-examined. i am ashamed to admit that last time i went i fainted when they wanted to put eye drops into my eye that "might sting" as the doctor said. i have a huge fear of doctors. i just dont like machines i have no control over. its weird and i cant even imagine what i'll be like if i have to have surgery or have a baby! goodness. lets not think about that.

OH YES! its day 182 (I'm halfway done!). you want to know my secret news? oh ok. :] When I am finished with my 365, I'll be having my own gallery showing of it ALL as a "thank God i'm done!" I'll begin working on it sometime after march and hopefully have a good location by then as well among other things there (musicians). It will probably be in summer seeing as I'm done on June 24th. Lets hope this all comes together! I'd love to have it in multi-cities, but we'll see if the opportunity comes. :]
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