Friday, January 23, 2009

delicate (214/365)

i'm sad to say i have something along the lines of the stomach fly. miraculously, i've kept everything down...if you know what i mean. which im grateful for. just stomach aches all day. so ive had the grandma diet. soup. 7up and baked potatoes.

i woke up at 4am with the chills! it was so weird...shaking almost uncontrollably.

i'm not sure how long this will last, so im i miss a day i hope you understand. ill catch up!

a sting of light (213/365)

wow. im so uneasy about posting this. its from my "forbidden to remember" day. :[ i've had little time to do anything today besides homework and freelance design (yikes!) for a friend. i've been so academic lately i feel like its sucking my life away. i guess this is what it feels like to deserve an "A." I've sort of skidded by with good grades. Mostly B's. Oh well.

I have the motivation, but the desire to keep going is really wearing me down! My mojo has left me. I think I know what my mind/body is doing to me. My body wants to quit because of the over-attention its been getting from the camera, and my mind just says "you can't do it," "nothing is working, its all crap."

I need new ideas to be inspired by. I don't get inspired in the creative way normal people do. Songs, melodies, movies don't do it. I don't really know how to channel it. How do I find it? I think part of my inner self is telling my i'm overlooking it. And I guess its easy when you've got blinders on, right?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i have my own tangled mess (212/365)

i am a little worried baby, to be honest. i'm starting to freak that i dont have a job. and let me be clear, i dont want it for the money. well, thats a lie. i definitely need the money. but certainly not to spend. i have so many things i want to be responsible for (thats CrAzY talk right?!) in the next coming months.

possibly moving out again (which means ikea spree again plus rent)
gallery showing (those things cant burn money like no other)
starting payment on insurance ( i feel guilty about my new car and am anxious to pay my parents)

geez. ive never wanted to be so responsible in my whole life. i just want a job. or make enough money with photography to keep me above for a little.

life. what a tangled mess!

wake me (211/365)

early start of classes again tomorrow. eeesh.

i think i'll be contributing to my show set again. its been a while! :[

goodnight flickr.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009


congrats to Caitlin Maloney! You win :] I'll be sending you an email shortly with all the details I need and then it shall be on the way to you!

Dont fret, all my other loves who entered! I truly appreciate it and wish I could give you all one. I will definitely be doing another one soon though! Because I found some other left over prints that I think you will enjoy :]

goodnight lovelies.


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such a busy day. i feel anxious when i have no time to take a decent 365. humph.
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