Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Morderation...

Well I definitely have been keeping myself busy. Too busy. I'm always looking to overload my schedule, even if it hurts. I just finished figuring out my forms for the Italian book cover! (eee) So those will be sent off tomorrow to the lovely IRS. And my gallery ideas are coming together. Now...where to find them? Hmmm. I'm excited to be done with my 365! It means I get to work on my "best of" book for all you who can't come to the gallery! Yay. And! I found out I'll be home on my final day! Funny because my first day of my 365 was me going back home as well :] Good timing.

I've been putting a lot of time into my school work...and I'll probably have something good to show for it =p but man, its really put a plug into my recent updates. I have ideas, and just have a lack of motivation for completing them successfully. Its like I already expect myself to fail. I get lazy and the time in editing is spent as quickly as possible. And thats not right. Thats not how I progressed from the beginning. I'll be trying to put more work into my fashion "book" as well! Gee there I go overloading myself again :]

Tell me how your week has been!
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