Sunday, December 21, 2008

thats what we need (182/365)

i love my shutters. the light coming in makes me feel real. like its from a movie. i just wanted it to be simple too. relax my mind.

i went to the eye doctors today and had my eyes re-examined. i am ashamed to admit that last time i went i fainted when they wanted to put eye drops into my eye that "might sting" as the doctor said. i have a huge fear of doctors. i just dont like machines i have no control over. its weird and i cant even imagine what i'll be like if i have to have surgery or have a baby! goodness. lets not think about that.

OH YES! its day 182 (I'm halfway done!). you want to know my secret news? oh ok. :] When I am finished with my 365, I'll be having my own gallery showing of it ALL as a "thank God i'm done!" I'll begin working on it sometime after march and hopefully have a good location by then as well among other things there (musicians). It will probably be in summer seeing as I'm done on June 24th. Lets hope this all comes together! I'd love to have it in multi-cities, but we'll see if the opportunity comes. :]

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