Monday, December 1, 2008


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i definitely need a more simple structure right now. my whole week will turn into a slow and gnawing scortched earth in no time. finals are next week, and i am considering locking myself in my room (to be over-exaggerated). i've acquired some new bad habits in the last 24 hours as well.

like my new book that i am now hooked onto for dear life: twilight. i havent been so....animated while reading since JK first wrote all those lovely HP's. And this ones different. I just melt, basically. I can be such a sappy romantic. People who are mysterious and endearing like Edward....I really wish existed in the world. My Bf should be careful, this book could be a terrible obsession =p.

You know, the funny thing is, i read it in the library today when i should have been studying for my last lab test for biology. nope. i just read. and the worst part, i was mostly smiling the entire time at a table full of people. i even tried to cover my mouth with my jacket to keep from looking like an idiot.

oooo dear. i will get through this though. and my life will be simple again, if only for a few days.

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