Friday, July 3, 2009

stop that motion

Texas from katie reed on Vimeo.

i said it was short, right? haha. first time doing one. i didnt realize how many photos you really need. and when i kept hearing "clickclicklicklckcckclskclsk" on my camera shooting on hot mode...i thought dang. thats enough.

another soon! enjoy my feeble attempt.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

deep in the heart of texas

here i am, a week into my summer visit to home. i'll be honest and a little complain-ey and say its both the best and worst trip ever. i'm definitely having more fun than i usually do, mostly because my parents are home more often and we're doing fun things, but it's the worst because each time i have time to myself to reflect upon it, my heart breaks a little more knowing i'll be leaving. i wish things were different. like that i could stay in texas with my whole life in CA to come with me, but life is never that easy, is it? i take a deep breath every time i reflect upon this sadness.

later tonight, after i've had a nerdy reading session, i'll post a short and quick stop motion video! i've never tried it before, so it'll be fun. and ill ONLY be posting it on this blog, no where else :]

i think i'll start visualizing some more ideas soon. time is always running out.
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