Saturday, June 21, 2008

Preparing for good things...

Hi everyone. :] I've created this blog so that all of you may keep up with my 365 day project i've been preparing for. I am so excited to start this project! It really is a huge commitment for me. For a WHOLE year I must keep tabs on my vanity for you all. Wonder if i'll change...Anyways. The reason I wanted to start this project was because I was inspired by Rosie Hardy and her project. So I ran with my ideas and asked my friend Kolby Schnelli [who will be my partner in crime] to join! So glad I have some support! Check out his progress here and show him some love!

We are all starting on Monday, June 23rd!

There are a lot of ideas running through my head...I've written some down since I tend to forget a lot. I bought a shutter remote last week, just to prepare for this. :] I'm lazy. So I give kudos to those who are going to endure their 10 second timer! I hope you all enjoy my project and come back each day to see what I've been up to. Each picture, I can promise, will not be just a shot of my face. They will represent myself in a creative way, how i've been feeling, etc. I am so excited to be creative and be the best I can be :] Pleaseeee feel free to leave me some comments!

I hope you all have a lovely saturday!

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