Thursday, December 18, 2008

Audrey the Acrobat (178/365)

Audrey's Circus Biography: Known for her hair-splitting turns, outrageous flips, and ability to defy gravity during her act. Curious? See the show for yourself...

I made my outfit last night which was basically just the mini top hat and gold skirt with tulle. I think I'll post a close up of it in a little because I'm pretty proud of it.

4 more days till' i tell a cool secret.

I went shopping with my dad today again. My mom is hard to shop for, but waaay easy when we have a list. I think we got her everything in about 30 minutes? I know...He also bought his usual for her, which consists of something that costs a lot of money and that she will hate. I guess my dad never learns? Or my mom just doesn't know how to accept a nice gift. I think its more the second one.

hope you are all enjoying the holidays! the fog just rolled in and it look sooo beautiful.

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