Sunday, March 6, 2011

WPPI in Vegas

I'm so excited I get to blog about my recent trip to the WPPI trade show from this past February! After sitting at home on twitter last year watching my favorite photographers tweet about being at the show I put my fist down and said "thats it! I'm going next year!" Well, as it came closer, I was swept up in school work and watched my favorite speakers classes fill up. I thought I had screwed up for sure. As the show began and the trade show was about to start in 3 days, I was sitting with my best friend having coffee telling her about how sad I was that I couldn't go. And to my surprise she said that she didn't have anything to do for the next few days. So I drove home (very fast and excited), called my parents for some support who egged me on to go, and got all my pennies in a line and booked the trip. Although I was only there for the trade show, I was still super impressed! I mean, c'mon, we spent three hours just in the first exhibition hall! So much stuff to take in. I got some great information about everything. Fell in love with a Jill. E bag, talked to some great album companies I'm going to start using, and even got some free film from Kodak! (8 rolls of Kodak porta 120. Did I score or what?!). By the time we were on the last isle of the whole show, we were both totally overloaded with information. In the end, it was a great trip. And I'm going to make it a point to see some speakers as well next year! Here's some of my favorite shots from the trip.

I didn't snap many inside as I was still excited about everything, but here's a lame shot of one of the exhibition halls.

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