Friday, May 21, 2010

Me, and myself.

It's been a while for me and self-portraits. My 365 ended almost a year ago, can you believe it? I can't... It seems like something that happened farrr away from now. I decided I should curb my habit of hiding behind my camera, which I have been doing since I ended my 365. So I stepped out into the sun in my grandma's beautiful backyard. More to come, hopefully!

I'm really loving the blurred close object compositions. It creates a focus and draws my eye to what the subject is more clearer.

I am still amazed by my 5D. A little obsessive, I guess. Why didn't I upgrade sooner!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bridal Show Pictures

Yesterday was my first bridal show at the El Prado Golf Club in Chino. I had my best friend Nikki help set up that morning, and I am so grateful she was there with her helping hands and great design eye. We had fun checking everything out at the show (can you say chocolate fondue?) and chatting with brides. I learned a lot from my first show (like how small shows can go SO wrong. I was given a "booth" with no backing. Even though I was told I had a curtain to hang photos. Luckily the director was nice enough to switch me with a cake person who I found out later was pretty mad. opps!) Anyways, it was a good first experience, and I can see where a lot of revenue and appointments can come in with bigger shows, which I hope to do next (BrideWorld is amazing). A lot of vendors there were friendly with me, and some advised me the best way to "get in" was to smooze other vendors so they would refer you. I like the sound of that! Anyways, enjoy my display.

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