Saturday, June 28, 2008

how do we know? (006/365)

how do we know? (006/365)

which do we choose?

i may add later. need to go catch my sister's bunny that is going insane right now!

goodbye lovelies.

ps. i love comments :]

Friday, June 27, 2008

i must be dreaming...(005/365)

i must be in a dream (005/365)

I felt like I was in a dream this morning. You know when your dreaming and just as it ends something sounds like your alarm, and then you wake up KNOWING it was your alarm, but somehow the sound connected in your brain and it formed a role? Weird. Well that happened today. Except...I still felt like I was dreaming. Im not sure what it was I was dreaming about...but...I was definitely in a trance when I woke up.

All I needed was a little fairy dust and feathers to float....

I am really bothered by the way I edited my hair in. It seems off and jagged. But..I wanted to give this a try so I can learn and get good at this. :] Also, today I felt like I was going through torture! I took my 365 at 10AM and then left the picture unedited until my family had gotten back from the mall and various errands by 5pm. I've NEVER been so unpleasantly sad to be at the mall! I was having the worst luck at shopping because I knew how badly I wanted to come home and finish this! Ugh. But, I'm glad I waited. I sorted some things out and was patient to come home.

goodbye lovelies!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

a movement (004/365)

a movement. (004/365)

so happy to be home i could dance. which is exactly what i did for today's 365. if you listen to coldplay's "strawberry swing," you will knowwwwwww what i mean :] plus, today is a lovely day outside! sunny...and bright. last night we had some severe thunderstorm watches, so it got pretty ugly outside. somehow it passed though. and its prettier than every outside. maybe a little sticky though...

i've been so caught up in today's 365 that i havent even fed myself! nor did i take a shower till' late afternoon. yikes! so i think i will go have some lunch now :]

goodbye lovelies.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bold (003/365)

bold (003/365)

I really am hesitant to be bold in my project. What better way to feel bold than red lipstick? You should know i've NEVER worn red lipstick. So this was a little awkward...but fun. I'm not really sure what I mean by...being more bold. But, I just don't want to be afraid. I'm not really that kind of person in general. So im hoping over the course of this year I can crack my skin and get there :]

Last night was really difficult for me to think of the joy of being home for todays picture. I dont know. I really just...logged out in my mind. So hopefully I can capture that soon. Im really gunna wrack my brain. I forgot how nice it is to sit on the couch with my sister and laugh about some really funny things. So glad to be here...I hope you all have a good day! Ill be in the pool :]

goodbye lovelies.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

do i look nervous?

do i look nervous? (002/365)

I'm leaving in about 5 hours to go back home to Texas, which is something I'm very happy about! insides are turning! wrenching and...ugh! The truth: I'm terrified of flying. I've flown my whole life...which is the funny thing. Since my mom was born and raised in England, we've gone back every two years to visit family, etc. Which has always been lovely for me! the 12 hour flight was like an adventure. cliche as this sounds...ever since 9/11...I've been really scared of flying. You may not see it in my face...but brain. Everytime I go home..I feel like I'm suffocating with a bandage around my mouth. Its only a 3 hour flight...but wow...things can really freak me out. I think i'll be brave enough today though! I'll have pride and prejudice to watch on the plane...does it get any better than that!? no. :]

This is just up against my wall. with some other layers added to it. I only WISH my wall had clouds and airplanes on it :] Can't wait to be home...

Leave me some nice comments so i'm not so scared! I might need some love... hehe

goodbye lovelies.

Monday, June 23, 2008

today is the day!

waiting... (001/365)

finally! today i begin my exciting new adventure. i woke up very early (8:00am) =p to go down to my future school (OCC) and pick up a schedule of classes. I've never been, and its a SUPER nice college. Really excited. I didn't realize how far it was from me though! I got there in about an hour. (when it should have been only 30min) Anyways, still a good experience. When I came back...I set up this shot...being way too excited to start. I didnt even shower! Haha

So in this, those are maps on my wall I collected yesterday. taped them up just for this. The reason for this is because i'm leaving tomorrow to go back home to Texas for a month! Ill be living out of my suitcase, and probably sleeping in it. Jk. Ill have my bed for that. But...where im going...explains the boots. Gotta have my cowoby boots on me. :] Im also loving textures right now in my photos. Which is why it feels a little vintage.

I need to go start you may see...I havent even started! Only piles of clothes on the floor. Leave me some feedback! And dont forget to check out Kolby and Kayla's Blog for their first post too!

goodbye lovelies.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Inching closer.

So as we know, tomorrow our posse will be starting a great adventure! I think some of my friends think I'm crazy for how excited I am about this project, but whats not to be excited about? Ideas are bursting out of my head, and I'm trying to keep them all in!

Please check out my partner's blogs! They are going to produce some pretty sick stuff, so check them out as well!


ps. for those of you who don't CAN leave me comments, even if your not a blogger! or have an account. just leave it anonymous ...or w/e
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