Friday, January 16, 2009

Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget (208/365) was a hard line to walk.

I've had a pleasant day off today. Had lunch with a new friend at this awesome crepe restaurant. Read to be more academic. Ugh!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


contest! leave a comment (you dont have to be a member) with your name and email and you could win a 4x6 vintage-painted-framed photo of my "from another perspective" photo! yay! good luck. and you'll be notified saturday by email if you've won :]

all smiles (207/365)

it feels good to be finishing homework way before its due and reading. lets see how long this motivation lasts...right? haha

i have a 4 day weekend ahead of me! yay.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

R-Mode (206/365)

my brain is dominated by my R-mode and not my L-mode. This makes me happy. I am left-handed, and today in my drawing class we were talking about how our brain works and the way we translate the world through perception. Here are some things I learned about the R-mode (the side that rocks the most...HAHA!)

I'm supossed to be:

see things as a whole
actuality not symbolically
illogical and not logical.

i know theres more my professor mentioned but it really affirmed my faith in being in the arts. i'm totally not saying right handed people suck at arts and have no nope, because thats not at all how i see it. its just nice knowing that there may be some things in drawing that come more natural with me, seeing as in drawing you need to control your r-mode to be more dominant over your -mode. (so far, i draw stick figures only. theres still hope! right?) eheh.

if you know anything about the L and R modes feel free to share!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

have i found you (205/365)

....flightless bird.

second day of classes. not so bad. the first two days im really pumped and always tell myself how well i'm going to do and be on top of things. but i know when finals week comes ill just collapse! hopefully its different this semester :]

still having problems with my flashtube on my alien bee...its sparks when i test it. and i called the main guy, bernie, but i was on my way to school and forgot how he said to "fix" it. otherwise i have to send it back. WHY now. when i need my bee. why.

anyone else have any ideas of how to fix the tube?

check the etsy shop tonight for cool updates on some NEW photos! :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

nonsense (204/365)

first day of the semester. here are my classes!:

design 2D
basic drawing
online oceanography
interpersonal communication
art history (the middle one...haha)

im excited knowing i have mostly art classes which means homework that i'll actually enjoy. my online oceanography class is REALLY rediculous. im not sure what i got myself into. quizzes every week. 4 HUGE exams. ahhh

ps. used books =my best friend.

Uploaded by Katherine Elizabeth

sad/happy mistake (203/365)

i was SUPER happy today to try out my new extra large softbox. (its the large softbox from alien bees, but since im small, this thing looks huge next to me.) unfortunately, the bulb was mis-firing and getting really crazy on me and then went out. so this photo is actually a mis-fire and a nice mistake, i think :]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

disneyland-ing (202/265)

we love thunder mountain :]

i am glad today i got a chance to relax before my new set of classes tomorrow! but for some reason my arms are really sore. anyways. im very happy to be getting out of stupid general classes and into more of my stuff! ill take art over english any day. i realize im still one day behind on my 365, but ill be making up for it tomorrow! my limited space right now makes me sad, but ill be back at my grandmas tomorrow! :D

Etsy Fun!

One of my recent past orders from Etsy (a really nice girl) has kindly taken some pictures of my work on her wall! So exciting to see my stuff in different places :] Enjoy

selective hearing (201/365)

i am the most guilty for this. there are some things my mind chooses not to hear, and triggers the "memory" part of my brain to remember the things i love. its a terrible habit. and i get yelled at because of this :] haha.
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