Sunday, July 13, 2008

when the heart grows (021/365)

when the heart grows (021/365)

oh look! im sprouting beautiful sunflower weeds :] theres a huge pile of dirt in the lot next to us (which we frequently ride ATV's over, sorry future neighbors) with these sunflower plants. wish they were actual sunflowers, they'd be huge! pulled up some roots while i was at it. got the floor a little messy coming back in :D

i wish it looked a litle more like it was growing out of my hand more. i think i need to practice a little more in PS. luckily i have talented friends who really know what their doing! thanks Josh for showing me the extracting tool. my new best friend that i will use forever now.

also, some exciting news! i just sold my FIRST print in my etsy shop! somehow i was featured in the treasury section on the front page! wow! what an honor. people are really responding to my stuff. so its nice! weird to know someone in boston will have my little paper hat and face on their walls! hehe :D

gunna go swim now. its super hott in texas! ahhhh


scott lawan said...

paper hat. that's the one i'm gonna buy.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the print :D

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