Tuesday, July 15, 2008

im gonna fly (023/365)

i'm gonna fly (023/365)

i guess im a little obsessed with anything that flys lately.

someone told me i need to get out more in my pictures. so today, im outside in this muggy weather, and by the looks of it pretending to be a model. my poor neighbors...they probably think im kooky or something. no textures today either, going back to my roots a little, with just a clean process :] its ok....

added some new stuff: katieelizabethphoto.etsy.com

went shopping today. felt so good! it really does release some of my stress which is really funny. might do some more tomorrow. im on a roll. hahaha. im going up north in a couple weeks. so excited! my sister will get to meet all my friends at ephraim clothing so that should be fun! its been long awaited. monterey is my FAVORITE place in CA.

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Shelby said...

I love this shot. Your pose is great :)

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