Friday, July 18, 2008

batwoman (026/365)

batwoman (026/365)

i was totally inspired watching batman begins on tv last night. i had forgotten this morning when i took this that the dark knight came out and this might make me look too cliche. but actually made it all the better for me to post. this isnt my usual creepiness that i do. this is dark, creepy. and im glad it brings out a different side to me.

this morning i found my dad at home (which he isn't usually) and he said that this morning our 13 yr old rhodesian ridgeback had almost died swallowing her tongue. how horrible! also, that the doctors concluded that she had cancer. My dad was too choked up telling me this so I didnt ask anymore questions. We all knew she didnt have much longer to live, but once it hits you, it goes hard. I'm not too sad right now, but probably will be when she passes. 13 years of my life! wow, more than the majority of my life this dog has been my faithful bodyguard. she really has. ill leave it at that before i get emotional too.

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Kolby said...

im pretty much in LOVE with this one!! you really pulled it off! its better than you described! woo hoo good job katie!!

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