Thursday, July 17, 2008

your porcelin doll (025/365)

your porcelin doll (025/365)

wind me up, and i will become yours...

curled my hair today and wow, went flat within seconds of stepping into the texas heat. ugh! california, i love you for not doing this to my hair. i'm always trying to do things that require more and more work. this took a LOT of layers, but im glad it brought out some magic in my life :] like my enchanted forest behind me? hehe. have a lovely day all!

my sister just got her license so i am stuck at home with no car. and shes kinda bratty about sharing. not sure what happend with her. haha! but im being home. gives me time to REALLY relax. 60 yrs old and fall asleep watching tv. what a life! can't wait to move into my grandma's this semester and out of my condo! no more grocery more job. ohhhhhhh i can taste the sweetness. i love my gma. gunna miss my mom though, shes my best friend :D

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