Saturday, July 12, 2008

silly me (020/365)

silly me (020/365)

i haven't done a full face portrait yet, and i figured you may have been wondering what i actually look like since half of my pictures have my face covering my hair or im looking to the side, etc. anyways. im actually a little disappointed in this today! im OK with it being simple ( i look like im 13yrs old ), but it was super hard to work with in photoshop. none of the tones i liked were working, so i had to settle since my mom was wanting to go out. luckily she was pacient and knew i would be a little longer working on it. she knows im passionate about this project and after showing her it from the beginning, she has loved it! im getting a lot of positive feedback from friends/strangers, so its really nice to feel loved and good about something i love!

goodbye lovelies

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Anonymous said...

haha.... my mom is always like what the heck are you doing?

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