Tuesday, July 1, 2008

sweet tea <3 (009/365)

our first collaboration! (009/365)

today was a true feat for the three of us. we've had this collaboration planned for a while now, so its been long awaited! None of them had ever tried sweet tea. so I was determined to get them to try it. Im not talking about the Nestea sweetened tea either! thats a load of crap. Im talking...authentic southern sweet tea! Its definitely my kind of drink. Anyways. Today was just a fun picture for all of us. I will let you in on a little secret. The three of us have never met! I think we each have about...3,000+ miles between us. So today was a little "e-hang" day for us. :] Haha

I'm giving ALL the credit to Kolby who stitched this photo together for all of us. We each just decided to edit it our own way :]

Have fun with it! it was a lot of fun for me, definitely. thanks to kayla and kolby for doing this!

goodbye lovelies.


Kolby said...

i really like your edit!! you did an amazing job!!

and thanks for "hangin" out lol

the next one will be sweet too!

Anonymous said...

too good katie...just too good :D

scott lawan said...

i love long distance colabs. it seems so rare and i hope you three do more.
i used to have such a friend to do things with, but we grew apart:(

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