Friday, July 4, 2008

how to fall (012/365)

how to fall (012/365)

1. climb on top of mom's dresser while mostly destroying items on top.
2. get in fetal position.
3. let go.

i wanted today's to be a little bit darker or creepier. but WOW. it literally is a dark and contrast-y picture. i had a different picture in my mind...but...somehow it did not come out right. im not sure what it was. lack of light. terrible wall color for photos in my mom's room. hmmm. still was fun slipping on and off to check the photo, then doing the whale to get back on! haha. its actually a pretty tall dresser. for someone whos a 5'5 wimp like me :D

enjoy the 4th!

goodbye lovelies.


Anonymous said...

you continue to amaze me...
i dont know what it is about your work but im in love <3

scott lawan said...

i'm five five:(

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