Sunday, June 29, 2008

the secrets we hide (007/365)

the secrets we hide (007/365)

secrets can really ruin us. i didn't do this concept today knowing i was hiding a secret, because i dont believe i am. i did it merely for the feeling, because i know what it feels like to have something you hold on to for so long it can ruin you. you start to decay, really. this photo didnt come out as i had imagined. my imagination is really...i cant think of the word...its really just...complicated! everything is so detailed so when i try to achieve what i imagine, sometimes i cant follow through. i was imagining a huge black death tree to the left trying to eat me, or swallow me in its branches. its a great idea, but, hard for me to accomplish since im still learning. one day! one day...also, i was a little sad the box didn't quite come out more, but i was wearing black so i couldn't expect much. i am however happy with it. the tree i did choose shows its staggered and weak branches. something you feel when you are decaying.

besides all of that, there is ONE secret i can share with you that you may not know about me, maybe except kayla. I am a HUGE fan of Nascar. Thanks to my dad who raised me right. Haha. Im watching the race today, hoping Dale J will take home a win :] I am a huge redneck nerd. Thanks! Enjoy the sunny day.

goodbye lovelies.


Anonymous said...

i like the last paragraph, it made me laugh... we all carry strange secrets like that. im glad that you shared it with me. haahaa.

and about the box i agree with you. its hard to see and as i first glanced at the picture it looked like you were grabbing your butt. hahaaa. sry.


Katie Elizabeth said...

my mom thought the same thing! dont worry. haha

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