Wednesday, July 2, 2008

down the rabbit hole (010/365)

down the rabbit hole (010/365)

i was thinking about alice in wonderland when i did this shot. and how she fell down the hole going every which way- not knowing which is up or down. my hair was originally flying up, to go with the idea. but man! was i having a hard time with it...i ended up ditching this idea and trying to do about 384398493240 other ones, which i bombed. i went out to shopping to see if i could relieve my stress (haha! im pathetic) and it did me worse. I found nothing to buy, and poo! I was sad. So i came back to this hoping I could give my hair cpr, but i couldnt. so i left it as-is.

"It would be so nice if something made sense for a change."-Alice

ps. the umbrella i picked up in italy last summer!


Anonymous said...

i think i may be in love with your umbrella... this is way way tooo cute.

i love it just like every other picture of yours :D

Kolby said...

you did great even without the hair!

keep your chin up! you rock!

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