Saturday, July 5, 2008

escape (013/365)

escape (013/365)

i have to admit, i'm a little pressed for time today. which is why i feel so uncreative for today's picture. i could have waited until we came back from shopping to finish this and do it right, but i can't possibly shop knowing i need to do this! it drives me mad. I think this is partially why (or mostly) i can't sleep at night. the anxiety and desire to complete tomorrows 365 kills me! and it keeps my brain awake. i think i may go insane from this project. if i do...i may actually get a lot of good ideas...HAH!

hope you enjoy your day :] leave me some nice comments heheeeee. even if you aren't a member!

goodbye lovelies.


Anonymous said...

hahaa. love it. thats pretty much how i feel today too. i just got home at 11:30 tonight and ideas have been drilling a hole in my brain all day but i have no time for them today.

Kolby said...

this is sooo cool.. whimsical (sp) lol

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