Thursday, July 3, 2008

butterflies (011/365)

butterflies (011/365)

ever felt butterflies in your stomach?

you should be proud of me today, and here is why. i successfully got up and got ready FULLY. (minus the fact that i slept in till 1.30pm) hehe. this whole time that i've been home i've skipped out on a couple key steps to getting ready. such as...forgetting to shower...forgetting to eat breakfast...leaving the house looking really terrible. so today was nice to actually not feel rushed and get ready. haha. im lame!

goodbye lovelies.


Kolby said...

and on top of all of that.. you created a stunning image!! great work!

you actually pulled it off quite well!! :D

Anonymous said...

wonderful katie.
i kinda like it better than the inspiration pic.

Moose! said...

i know you dont know me but i saw your site thru kolby's.. i love this picture! its so artsy!

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