Friday, June 27, 2008

i must be dreaming...(005/365)

i must be in a dream (005/365)

I felt like I was in a dream this morning. You know when your dreaming and just as it ends something sounds like your alarm, and then you wake up KNOWING it was your alarm, but somehow the sound connected in your brain and it formed a role? Weird. Well that happened today. Except...I still felt like I was dreaming. Im not sure what it was I was dreaming about...but...I was definitely in a trance when I woke up.

All I needed was a little fairy dust and feathers to float....

I am really bothered by the way I edited my hair in. It seems off and jagged. But..I wanted to give this a try so I can learn and get good at this. :] Also, today I felt like I was going through torture! I took my 365 at 10AM and then left the picture unedited until my family had gotten back from the mall and various errands by 5pm. I've NEVER been so unpleasantly sad to be at the mall! I was having the worst luck at shopping because I knew how badly I wanted to come home and finish this! Ugh. But, I'm glad I waited. I sorted some things out and was patient to come home.

goodbye lovelies!


Anonymous said...

mystical. thats the only word i can think to describe this.

both you and kolby had some hair moving pictures today. hmmm... i got to try that out.

Kolby said...

haha kayla noticed we both had hair moving pictures lol!!:D

this is quite an amazing photo. I love the texture work to make it look like an old painting.

bravo champ!

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