Thursday, June 26, 2008

a movement (004/365)

a movement. (004/365)

so happy to be home i could dance. which is exactly what i did for today's 365. if you listen to coldplay's "strawberry swing," you will knowwwwwww what i mean :] plus, today is a lovely day outside! sunny...and bright. last night we had some severe thunderstorm watches, so it got pretty ugly outside. somehow it passed though. and its prettier than every outside. maybe a little sticky though...

i've been so caught up in today's 365 that i havent even fed myself! nor did i take a shower till' late afternoon. yikes! so i think i will go have some lunch now :]

goodbye lovelies.


Kolby said...

hahaha I know what you mean about not eating lol.. I love this project and being creative.. I hate that it's only one a day lol.

great photo btw.. love the color and texture too!

Anonymous said...

i love that song.
it makes me happy.
just blissful.

i think this picture describes that song soo well. maybe if you were just dancing in a stawberry field :D

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