Monday, June 23, 2008

today is the day!

waiting... (001/365)

finally! today i begin my exciting new adventure. i woke up very early (8:00am) =p to go down to my future school (OCC) and pick up a schedule of classes. I've never been, and its a SUPER nice college. Really excited. I didn't realize how far it was from me though! I got there in about an hour. (when it should have been only 30min) Anyways, still a good experience. When I came back...I set up this shot...being way too excited to start. I didnt even shower! Haha

So in this, those are maps on my wall I collected yesterday. taped them up just for this. The reason for this is because i'm leaving tomorrow to go back home to Texas for a month! Ill be living out of my suitcase, and probably sleeping in it. Jk. Ill have my bed for that. But...where im going...explains the boots. Gotta have my cowoby boots on me. :] Im also loving textures right now in my photos. Which is why it feels a little vintage.

I need to go start you may see...I havent even started! Only piles of clothes on the floor. Leave me some feedback! And dont forget to check out Kolby and Kayla's Blog for their first post too!

goodbye lovelies.

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Anonymous said...

tooo good KAITE!! i love it. this is going to be hard to beat. but keeps me on my toes. day one for me seemed to be super lame...i worked all day and i am wiped. oh the road ahead.

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