Tuesday, June 24, 2008

do i look nervous?

do i look nervous? (002/365)

I'm leaving in about 5 hours to go back home to Texas, which is something I'm very happy about! However...my insides are turning! wrenching and...ugh! The truth: I'm terrified of flying. I've flown my whole life...which is the funny thing. Since my mom was born and raised in England, we've gone back every two years to visit family, etc. Which has always been lovely for me! the 12 hour flight was like an adventure. But..as cliche as this sounds...ever since 9/11...I've been really scared of flying. You may not see it in my face...but ohhh...my brain. Everytime I go home..I feel like I'm suffocating with a bandage around my mouth. Its only a 3 hour flight...but wow...things can really freak me out. I think i'll be brave enough today though! I'll have pride and prejudice to watch on the plane...does it get any better than that!? no. :]

This is just up against my wall. with some other layers added to it. I only WISH my wall had clouds and airplanes on it :] Can't wait to be home...

Leave me some nice comments so i'm not so scared! I might need some love... hehe

goodbye lovelies.


Kolby said...

haha great photo! you'll be ok! trust me. would I lie?

I really love the background..

why don't you just create wallpaper like that, sell it, and become famous!

celinaaa said...

hahaha, oh katie, i love you.


:D tis a beautiful pitcher,

Anonymous said...

mmm... i love flying. its such a rush:] hope you have a good time in texas.

love the airplane.

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