Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i can do anything better than you (017/365)

i can do anything better than you (017/365)

today is sibling day! (and a sibling rivalry, at that!) Kolby and Kayla suggested we all do one. So don't forgot to check out theirs as well!

To be honest, I totally scraped all my others ideas just because of this face i was making. how ridiculous do i look?!

This is my younger sister, Courtney. Shes 16 years old while I am the big 19. I wasn't really sure what to do for today's because we've never really had sibling rivalry. But...I can't really speak for her because she is the younger one who has to live with me. I think the only sibling rivalry we've had is when I was a baby. I was very jealous (or as i'm told) of my sister when she was born because she then got all the attention. Huh. Funny. We've played sports together and I don't feel like shes ever had to "get to my level" or be as good as I was. Either way, I still love her.

The only funny idea i could think of was "me vs her". our sibling rivalry isn't a "rivalry" but more of a...difference. I mean c'mon, you can tell we look a like, but dang. shes got her flip flops on and i'm just fine in my boots! so this picture is a tribute to us. shes definitely the girly-girl "i dont give a crap, mom!" persona, while i try and overacheive (not necessarily with school) or do too many things at once. which is why i've put on a balancing act.

go eat a popsicle or something! its hot. and im seeing the jonas brothers in concert thanks to my sis who is dragging me along. haha!

goodbye lovelies.

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Anonymous said...

i ate TWO popsicles today :D
love love love this pic, as always.
hope you had fun.

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